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DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

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DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

Backdrops play a huge part in helping bring a party theme together. Stylist are always on a lookout for unique materials and ideas to help jazz up our walls - be it for a table backdrop, for a photo booth or even as table covers!

Wall murals, papers and canvases are some of my personal faves. The choice of designs you can find is incredible (think Disney images, graffiti art or any funky pattern you can imagine!), and a company like Photowall even lets you upload your own photos to create custom wall papers and canvases, which makes for a super cool not to mention unique party decor!

DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

Photowall manufactures feature wallpaper to fit the measurements any wall. You can choose from a wide range of motifs, or create an unique feature wall using your own image!! 

They have collaborated with amazing designers like Elizabeth Bunker, to create some awesome children's murals. Some of the wall papers are also interactive, so little ones can draw on them and color them in. Party decor that doubles as a party activity?!! If that's not mega cool, I don't know what it!! :)

DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

To show you these wall murals are not just for the home, check out this inspiration board for a Fall Birthday Party, using one of Photowall's wall mural designs for kids.

DIY Party Backdrops Ideas with Posters

What about you? Have you ever used wall paper as backdrop? Do share!! :)

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