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DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers

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DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers -

Hey guys!! So glad to be back! It was a roller-coaster week full of fun and a super crazy work schedule, and despite my utter love for Paris (see on Instagram here); I could not wait to get back to my "normal" routine. Plus, I missed my babies too much!!! :)
So while I wait to catch up with my humongous inbox, and edit some of the gazillion salon photos to show you, just wanted to share a quick tutorial I made for the cupcakes on display at our stand.

These Cute as a Button Cupcakes would be perfect for so many party themes...think baby showers, tea party, sewing or craft party or even Lalaloopsy!

DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers -

DIY Fondant Cupcake Toppers - Cute as a Button

Materials Needed:

* Fondant in your choice of color ( I used fuchsia and yellow)
* Silicone fondant button mold
* A straw and toothpick or pointy 'tool' (you'll see what I mean below...)


Take a small piece of fondant and work it in your hands until soft. Squish it (yes, that's the correct terminology...) into the silicone mold, removing excess from the top of the mold with a sharp knife. Flatten the fondant with your thumb. 
DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers -
Gently peel away the shape, and immediately use a straw to remove the excess fondant from the button mold to create the holes. This step is not strictly necessary, as the mold should create the indents, but I really rather like a more neater hole on my fondant buttons.
DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers -
For the smaller buttons, you can proceed in the same fashion, but use a toothpick or pointy tool to make the holes more pronounced.
Let the pieces dry over bowl of rice until hard. The rise helps dry them out. Then pop in on top of your decorate cupcakes, and voilà! :)

 DIY Fondant Buttons for Cupcake Toppers - Party Credits

* Printables, styling and photography: Bird's Party
* Fondant:

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