February 8, 2014

Easy DIY Lego Inspired Cake Bunting

For the Lego party shoot, I had no time to bake a Lego head cake (as I originally wanted ..), so printables came to the rescue once again. I think the bunting idea turned out super cute, which just shows that sometimes less really is more! ;)

DIY Lego Inspired Cake Bunting

This is so easy, it's cheeky to even call it a tutorial!

Materials needed:

* Sticky tape or hot glue
* Wooden skewers
* And a cake, of course

Print your cut-out bricks onto cardstock and cut. Stick them to a length of twine with tape or hot glue at the back. Insert the wooden skewers into your cake. Tie the twine to the paper straws, and slot the straws over the skewers to hide them. 

Voila! Pretty and simple - A perfect cake decor idea to jazz up a store-bought cake. Shh, I won't tell if you don't! ;)

Party Credits:

Styling and photography: Bird
Lego Inspired Party printables: Bird's Party
Baker's Twine
Paper Straws

Click here for all the party printables 
and supplies used in this project

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