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Need Help with your Cake Photography? This will help...

8:51 AMC Riches

Photos by Andy Knight of Capture Your Cake.

Can you believe all the above cakes were photographed using just an IPhone? Do you wanna know the secret to taking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographs of your cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, recipes, dessert tables...using just your phone? Then keep reading!

As part of our Baking Party week, I'm delighted to share a truly "Cake it Pretty" post with you, and a recent discovery of mine (thanks to Gillian!!) called Capture Your Cake.

Want professional looking photos but don’t have an SLR camera? Capture Your Cake teaches you how to take professional looking photos all with your smartphone!

Cake decorating can be hard enough as it is, I know only too well. But then to also have to capture all your hard work before you make the delivery is another. Sound familiar?

Investing in all the professional photography equipment and software can be a costly and timely process to get too however, Capture Your Cake takes all the complication away and teaches you Photography 101 but the best part is, it’s applying it to your smartphone! And we all have one of those right?

Why this course is so valuable?

1. Learn from the best.  Andy Knight – owner of Forscene Studios in Melbourne, Australia is one of the most sought out photographers for product photography. Working with some of the major global retails brands such as Adidas, Mizuno and Sanpelle Grino to name a few. He is there to guide you all the way to creating beautiful images

2. It’s clear, it’s easy.  Good photography to most can be quite overwhelming however with Andy’s teaching techniques he glides by each module in a way where anyone can learn from. 

3. Apply it straight away. You actually don’t need a lot to start taking great images with your phone. It’s cost effect and can be added to your business almost immediately (just need to watch the course first )

4. Increase your sales. Great cake + an amazing image of your cake = more sales! That’s how it works, plain and simple. This industry is so visual. If you don’t have that perfect image the customer simply won’t know your worth. 

So what do specifically get with this online course?

There are in total 9 sequential online videos and you can learn at your own pace, for as long as you like.  

Photography is an integral part of the work I do, and I need all the help I can get with my photo skills. So the video subjects offered by the course really struck a cord with me! You'll be guided through all the steps needed to take amazing phone photos, including the awesome topics below:

Lighting: How to use it in your home or office - no more dark, horrid shots. Woo-hoo!!
Shooting at night: The 2 am rescue - where have you been all my life?!
Props and set-up - super fun bit, perfect for any blogger too!
Photographing large cakes - like a pro!
Dessert tables - the icing on the cake ;)

Plus 7 FREE and totally fabulous bonuses including some of my faves: How to use Photoshop on your smartphone, How to blur your background or How to watermark your images - All so important in any business or blog!

For details of all the course and video content head over on

And we have an exclusive discount code for all you Bird's Party readers - Capture Your Cake is kindly offering you $30 off your purchase - Simply head over to and enter the coupon code at the checkout: birdsparty 


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