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Father's Day Cocktails + a Giveaway!!

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This week's all about dear Dad!! Starting to day with some very 'manly' cocktail recipes that you can prepare for father's day + your chance to win a copy of 'The Best Craft Cocktails' book that you can give dad on his special day! 
You're welcome! ;)

Caffe Luxe Cocktail 

Is it dessert? A digestif? It’s for the coffee lover, bar goer das ;) Stay sharp yet relaxed with the rich, creamy infusion of vanilla and anise. Refresh with a dash of bitters to create that luxe effect.
2 shots of espresso
¼ oz/7 ml Navan vanilla brandy
1 dash orange bitters (we like Fee Brothers for this recipe)
2 oz/60 ml heavy cream, chilled
¼ oz/7 ml Sambuca
In a bar tin, pour espresso, brandy, Sambuca and bitters over 20 pieces of ice (or 1 scoop of a 16-ounce/475-milliliter shaker) and shake vigorously for a count of 20. In a tall, slender glass, pour coffee mixture. Pour heavy cream directly into the center of your cocktail and watch the coffee and cream fuse to resemble 

Lion’s Mane Cocktail 

Named for its resemblance to a lion’s thick and fluffy mane, the look and taste is true to its namesake. Dad will delight at their first frothy sip as the savory foam sets the mouthfeel to deliver velvety draws of whiskey.
1 egg white
1 tsp cane sugar
1½ oz/45 ml whiskey (we like Lion’s Pride for this recipe)
1 oz/30 ml Carpano Antica vermouth
2 dashes black walnut bitters (we like Fee Brothers for this recipe)
1 tsp nutmeg for garnish
A little preparation goes a long way here. In a whipper, add egg white and sugar, chill for an hour before use. When your whipper is nice and chilled, combine 20 pieces of ice (or 1 scoop of a 16-ounce/475-milliliter shaker), whiskey, Carpano Antica and bitters in a bar tin. Shake well for a count of 20, strain and pour into a standard bucket glass. Give your whipper a grand shake, turn upside down and at a 15-degree angle and an inch above the cocktail, layer one thick inch of foam. A continuous, slow and circular motion yields the most aesthetically appealing result. Shake nutmeg over foam for garnish.

Mon Cheri Moscow Mule 

Not your typical sweet Moscow Mule. Rich cherries and acrid ginger are muddled and instantly infused into the vodka. Topping with the carbonated ginger beer brings a bite to every sip.
2 thin slices of ginger, plus 1 for garnish
3 cherries (we like Luxardo for this recipe), plus 1 or 2 for garnish
2 dashes aromatic bitters (we like Fee Brothers for this recipe)
2 oz/60 ml vodka (we like Tito’s for this recipe)
¼ oz/7 ml freshly squeezed lime juice, plus wheel of lime for garnish
3 oz/90 ml ginger beer (we like Bundaberg for this recipe)
In a dry Tin Play shaker, muddle two slices of ginger with cherries, bitters and vodka. You’ll know you’ve muddled appropriately when ginger fills the nostril. Strain and pour into a well-chilled copper mug half full of ice. Squeeze lime juice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel, cherries and ginger.

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About the authors:

Jeremy LeBlanc is the president of Tin Play Precision Pour Flair Tins, LLC. He has more than 15 years of experience as a bartender and helped Altitude Sky Lounge become one of the top bars in the world. He currently serves as Altitude’s master mixologist.
Christine Dionese is a seasoned food, health and lifestyle writer with a flair for bringing the most unlikely flavor profiles together. She is the co-founder of Garden Eats, an organic kitchen gardening outfit purveying specialty medicinal organic foods, techniques and molecular beverage creation for modern living. 

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