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World Cup Party: Brazilian Pineapple & Coconut Batida Cocktail

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Did you watch the World Cup opening match yesterday? Nail biting, right? 

Well, with a few days of match-watching, celebrating and cheering for our favorite soccer / football teams; there's nothing better to get in the tropical spirit of things than with a  refreshing Brazilian drink!

We all know and love the Caipirinhas (try this cool twist), but have you heard about another popular cocktail called 'Batida'? The name literally means 'beaten' and derives from the fact that all the ingredients are well; beaten or blitzed in a  blender. Now, you can't get easier than that for a cocktail, right?! :)

Traditionally, Batida is made with Cachaça (aguardente), which is a Brazilian type of rum made with sugar cane juice. It's sold in most Latin supermarkets or liquor stores, but you can also substitute with vodka, or leave it out entirely for a non-alcoholic version.

You can also basically substitute the recipe with the fruits of your choice or whatever is in season: strawberries, passion fruit, mango etc

Batida de Abacaxi com Coco // Pineapple and Coconut Batida


1 Whole Pineapple cut into cubes
1 can of condensed milk
Same amount of can of coconut milk
1 can of Cachaça (or sub with vodka or leave it out for a non-alcoholic version)
Zest of 1 lime + lime wedges to serve

Blitz all ingredients including ice in a blender, serve chilled with more ice and lime wedges. Yum! Perfect served alongside Brazilian Pão de Queijo. Delícia! :)

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