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It's a Party and You're Invited

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I can't lie to you, I did do a little party dance a few days ago when I saw that Bird's Party Facebook page reached 76,000 fans ... 
But numbers on their own are just that, numbers. And what I really am interested in is connecting with, inspiring, helping and learning from ALL those people who share the same passion for parties and printables.

It's a Party and You're Invited

So as a way of giving some love back, I decided to reeeally connect with other party, crafts, photography or food businesses and blogs that follow our FB page. 'Cause social media should be just that, social. And socializing on our own would also be so boring, right?! :)
So we're offering a little platform to help grow and promote the work of others. It's our way of saying "Hey, thanks for helping us get here! What can we do in return for you?"

So we're inviting YOU to be part of the celebrations, and come have a slice of this cake with us!
Party printables, crafts, recipes and party ideas blog -
Now, let's get the presents open shall we?! :)
♥ Firstly, we're offering 6 exclusive ad spots on Bird's Party blog sidebar for a special celebratory price at 60% off ($30 per month only!). If interested in promoting your party, crafts, photography or food business or blog, then email me so we can secure you a spot. Offer ends Sunday 19th 2014 and is exclusive to our FB fans only.
♥ Secondly, we're looking for enthusiastic party, food or craft bloggers to contribute beautiful posts here on the blog once a month, and share their amazing talents with our readers. If interested in promoting your party, crafts, photography or food business or party blog, then email me with your blog link and example of previous posts.
♥ Thirdly, we've opened our affiliate program to crafts, food and other bloggers too, who wish to monetize their blog space. Our program offers you 10% commission of all sales you refer to Bird's Party Shop! Cool, right?! Email me if interested.
Party printables, crafts, recipes and party ideas blog -
Cheers! And hope you'll RSVP!! ;)
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