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Awesome DIY Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

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Emoji Party DIY Crafts and Fashion - via

Emoji rock my world. You could say they make me Emojinal ;p
I'm pretty sure they rock yours too, no?

Since we did out Emoji fest back in April, I'm seeing more and more FUN party posts and super cool ideas, recipes, crafts and decor popping up EVERYWHERE ( so many, that I had to start a themed Emoji Party Ideas PIN board ).

Here are some of my faves.

Emoji Party Ideas - via

Emoji Party Cookies and Cupcakes - via
Emoji Party DIY Photobooth - via

Emoji Party Tablescape and Decor - via

Emoji Party Food - via

Emoji Party Favors - via

Emoji Party Pinata - via

Emoji Inspired Party Ideas

From the top: (Sources of photos in each link title)

Emoji DIY Clutches

What to wear to an Emoji party? Or pretty much any party, as far as I'm concerned... 
'Cause these DIY (yes, DIY!!) Emoji clutches are trending right now ;)

Printable Emoji Inspired Stickers 

So versatile, you can pretty much decorate anything with these! Party tableware, use them as cupcake toppers, gifts wrapping embellishments, straw name it!

Emoji Party DIY Cookies and Cupcakes 

Can't have a party without cookies or cupcakes, right?! Lucky for you this link has a step-by-step video tutorial to help you emoji-fy your creations.

Emoji DIY Party Photo Booth

Need a quick photo booth idea? these big Emoji inspired stickers are printable, which means you can use them also as balloon decor! How fun is that?! 

Emoji Party Table Decor

Table setting doesn't get cuter than when Emoji style is at play! AND the food double duty as decor! The heart eyes are made of jello! YUM! ♥

Emoji Party Macarons 

How adorbs are these Emoji macarons?! Too cute to eat? Almost! ;)

Emoji DIY Party Favors

These cute and practical DIY candy pouches would make AWESOME party favors! Or a great activity to make at the party. Crafts + Emoji + Candy = I die!

DIY Emoji Party Pinata

No party would or SHOULD be complete without an Emoji Pinata! The link teaches you to make your own, and it's easier than it looks. Plus, if you use our printables Emoji inspired stickers, then you're in for a real treat! ;)

Need more? Cool, 'cause we got lots more! 

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  1. Ah! I LOVE everything emoticon related! These are absolutely gorgeous!



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