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DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with Free Printables

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DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

As promised in my Valentine's Day Dinner Party post last week, today I'll be sharing the DIY for the funky scratch off menu cards we made for the place settings!

These cards look SO cool as part of your tablescape, that you'll wanna make them for every dinner party you host, and not just Valentine's Day! ;)

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

I've also designed a simple XOXO menu card to match my painted table runner, and you guys can download the printable template for free below and type your own text in Adobe Reader, or print them blank and hand-write your menu text. 

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

There are many ways on Pinterest to make these scratch off cards, and most are just too involved. Ain't nobody got time for that, right?!

So I've tried a couple of methods with material you most probably already have around the house, so no extra trips to the craft store ;)

AND I think you'll agree, the methodology is also fool-proof!

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with Free Printables

Materials needed:

* Scissors
* A wax candle (I used a votive too!) or white wax crayon
* Gold nail polish (or silver)


1) Print off your menu cards onto white cardstock and cut them. You can add your own text (font styles cannot be changed) in Adobe Reader, then print. Or print the cards blank and hand-write your text. If hand-writing, using a pen that won't smudge.

2) Once printed, thoroughly rub your candle or wax crayon all over the heart shape. Make sure you go over the text properly because that's the main part you want to hide.

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

3) Using nail polish, paint over the heart area until all covered with one thin coat. Much line when you paint your nails, don't go over it again as it will look lumpy. Instead, let the first coat dry then go over with another coat of nail polish. You may need even a third coat depending on how think your nail polish is.

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

4) Let it dry and thy're ready to be used! Just make sure you provide a penny, so guests can scratch off their cards.

DIY Scratch Off Menu Cards with FREE Printables -

Fun and easy! My perfect kind of DIY :)

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  1. Such a cute idea! I had no idea nail polish could work like that. It's super adorable and a cute way to give a "hidden" message.

  2. The idea of letting guests reveal the menu is SO FUN! Love this!!

  3. I'm loving it so much, can't wait to use it for all my dinner parties ;)

  4. Yeah, we all have nail polish at home, so it's an easy one ;)

  5. This is such a good idea and I do think guests would LOVE these! Thanks for adding your creative post to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop...these have all been pinned to our group Pinterest board. See you again soon.


  6. Clever! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!


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