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DIY Copper Foil Table Decor

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DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

Hey party friends, hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend!

For me, it was a relaxed affair with the family and lots of chocolate ;) but also a time reflect and enjoy the little things in life. It's SO amazing how good it feels to take a couple of days off (properly) to enjoy cooking, eating and just taking it easy!

I'm feeling all refreshed and ready to tackle this week!
So let's get going with this easy, quick and super pretty tutorial, shall we?!

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

My latest obsession is copper tape. And marble contact paper...
So DO expect some crafty crazy ideas using those materials to pop up regularly for while ;)
I first spotted striped copper vases in my fav home store in France, and was dying to find a way to replicate them. This is where copper foil tape (real copper in tape form) for guitars comes in super handy!!

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

You can buy this tape at Amazon. Just search for "guitar copper foil tape". It comes in a variety of widths and lengths and is super affordable (less than $5 for huge roll).

I love this material SO much, that my husband says if he stands still long enough, I'll wrap him in copper tape. I can't say I'm not tempted ;p

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

The tape has the feel of aluminum foil but has a sticky back so it's really versatile for crafts. As you can see from the photos, it is perfect for jazzing up basic candle holders and tableware. Ideal for a Spring table decor or DIY gifts, right?!

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor


* copper foil tape from Amazon - mine was 1cm (1/2 inch) wide
* glass cylindrical vase or container
* white serving platter

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

1) Ensure your plates and glassware are clean and dry, then work out the pattern you want to create. I went with stripes but you could go bold and make zigzags or geometric shapes too. Carefully add copper tape to your table decor, pulling tight as you slowly adhere each piece.

2) The copper tape can get wrinkly if you don't pull tightly or go too quickly, so pull off the tape backing paper slowly as you push the tape down.

3) Once you're finished, smooth out the tape using a soft cloth. Don't be tempted to use your fingers as the tape is real copper and can cut you like a sharp knife. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way :/

4) The finished articles are not suitable for the usual washing up methods, so I just wipe them clean with a wet wipe and dry immediately.

DIY Copper Foil Table Decor -

The result is really shiny and look oh-so pretty!
If you have a go, then share your pics on Instagram and tags #BirdsPartyTweeps so we can all see :)

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