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Cristina Riches aka Bird, is the founder of She's also a creative mom of two, published author, graphic designer, freelance photographer, magazine editor and unconditional party lover. Her party ideas and photos have been featured on numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine, Celebrate Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Decor and She also regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Pillsbury, PayPal, Mars, Hellmann's, Cultura France and Danone to name a few.

Adult Party Ideas | A Bollywood Indian Inspired Party

Party Ideas: A Colorful Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party -

Actions speak louder than words, but I just have to say this: Thank you my darling husband for putting up with me in good and bad times, for being my rock, my best friend, my soul-mate. For being a wonderful husband, father and a great human being. For being who you are and for your generous, kind, funny, intelligent, handsome and strong presence in my life - You truly complete me and I admire and fancy you a lot!!! - Oh, and have I told you  he even does the laundry, the cooking and the washing up too?! :)

Now the ramblings are over, remember my sneaky peek at the invites I was designing? Well, let me tells you how our day went...

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Printables -

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Desserts Table -

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Desserts Table -

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: Party Inspiration and Printables

My husband is not big on desserts but quite big on Indian curries - and with the Indian theme, we didn't want any western cakes. Instead, we filled the table with Indian-style sweet treats and desserts - Fit for a Maharajah!! :)

Some of the sweets I made myself,  like the blue Indian "truffles" (my own invention) and the gulab jamun, and shall share the recipes with you in due course. Others more elaborate sweets such as the oriental petit fours below, I bought from our local oriental shop.

I also made all the curries and sides and mango Laassi, which is kinda of an Indian take on a milk-shake - I was very refreshing and quite thick, with real chunks of mangoes. I served them in little colored cups I bought at thrifty store!

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Decorations -

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Decorations -

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Decorations -

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: Desserts Table, Food and Drinks

This orange "alien-looking" thing is called Jalebi and it's an Indian sweet made by dropping swirls of batter into hot oil. It's colored with saffron but waaaay tooo complicated to make, so I bought ready-made.  It's very sugary, but stays crispy on the outside and very traditional in Indian dessert tables.

And because this was a family affair, we had conventional sweets (although the colors were quite Bollywood!) for the children. We also provided scoops so they could take some home in the little party boxes and favor bags I designed for the occasion.

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Favors Ideas -

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Printabels and Decor -

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: Party Styling and Decorations

By the entrance which leads to our courtyard, I placed a well wishes tree -  I say tree...It was a couple of branches I sprayed silver. I then decorated the branches with some small paper flower similar to the colored paper pom-poms above the desserts table.

The "wishes" were small round cards in the same design of the party theme with a picture of myself and the hubs. Our guests were then encouraged to leave well wishes or "word of wisdom" and hang them on the tree. This makes for nice memento of the day for us...

Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Food and Curries -

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: DIY Party Favors

In addition to the party favor sweets, I also made some Spicy Mango chutney for the adults - We also had some on the day, so I liked the idea of the guest taking some home to enjoy the party a little longer!

And more party favors (bangles, papier maché elephant and watercolors for the children, Indian tea personalized with the celebration date, scented candles and soap for the adults) were displayed in clear bags and small kitsch boxes I found at the oriental store for just €1 each! The boxes looked as though they were made for this occasion, in the party colors and even had a blue elephant on them! 

These party favors were displayed also by the entrance inside a small wheel-barrow decorated in the colors of the party. A small plaque read "Oriental Delights" to which I attached a silk blue ribbon.

  Bollywood Bling Indian inspired Party Food and Curries -

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: Styling Tips and Centerpiece Decor

Oh, one thing I used that made all the difference, were pieces of mirrors  (I had those at home, but you can get them cut to your specifications at a DIY shop) as trays and plates to hold the food on the table. This allowed more light to be reflected and looked really stunning with candles on them too - And off course I had to have birds everywhere!!

And to complete the party scene of course, we had lots of printables decor, including a standing, printable blue elephant cut-out that I displayed  around the tables - It looked so cool and was a talking point with children and adults alike!

Indian Inspired Bollywood Bling Party: Party Credits

* Party Styling, Supplies, Photography, Recipes and Printables: Bird's Party

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  1. What a fantastic party. Love the styling decor! And Congratulations on your Anniversary!

  2. Bird, what a fabulous party!! And I am stealing that well-wishes tree idea! Happy Anniversary!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. I live close to the India Bazaar and a lover of all things India. This is beautiful post and lovely party idea.

  4. O que dizer Cris?
    Achei tudo lindo, colorido, feliz, alegre! Cada toque... menina! Quanto trabalho!!!!!! Uma loucura!
    Adorei toda a parte de comunicação visual, adorei as velas... a comida estava com uma cara fantástica (mesmo eu não sendo fã!)
    Parabéns!!!!!!!!!! E que venha o 7º aniversário não?

  5. Thank you for the well wishes guys! :)

    Lele, que venha o 7o, 8o, 9o etc, etc :)

  6. I enjoyed browsing your fabulously colorful party. I so appreciate the time, energy and creativity that you put into this. Congratulations on 6 years's to many, many more!

  7. Amazing! First off, happy anniversary! Second, this looks SO fun!! Love the theme, all the decorations, and the food looks fantastic. I'm sure you all had a blast!

  8. You did an amazing job! The graphic designs are gorgeous, and the overall color and design set the scene perfectly!

  9. Gnee, it was worth it in the end...
    We normally have a anniversary à deux heheh but this year wanted to party hard!! :)

    Michelle, we did indeed! :)

    Chris, thank you so much!!

  10. You did an awesome job!! Love the colours and theme... congrats on being featured on Amy Atlas' blog...

  11. Oi Cris* há tanto tempo que não passo por aqui, mas é mm a vida e as suas complicações que impedem...
    Anyway... gosh! Isso é que foi um trabalhão, uhm? Fiquei até cansada só de beijinhos e td d bom!!!!

  12. I'm not sure if there is an Indian Martha Steward, but if there is you would put her to shame. That is incredible! Can I have an invite to your next party? :)

  13. Bea, thank you!

    Magda obrigada pelo comentario! :)

    Elizabeth, you are sweet if a tad generous!!! :)

    All my love,

  14. Oi, Cris,
    Ai, tudo tão lindo! Quantas cores vibrantes! Adorei!
    Nossa! Você fez muita coisa, né? Os doces parecem deliciosos! Adorei os elefantinhos, as velas os detalhes das flores e a dica sobre os espelhos!
    Vou esperar pelas receitas! He,he...
    Desejo muitas alegrias na vida de vocês! E os seus filhinhos, curtiram muito a festa? Aposto que sim.
    Beijos! Parabéns!

  15. Wow what an amazing party!! I love the theme :)
    I love love your blog!
    I'm definitely following you.. :)
    follow me back?

  16. bird, what a totally amazing party....are you taking bookings for your 7th??? i'd like to book in advance pls.
    everything looked so so nice in the pictures, can only imagine how wonderful it was to be there.
    YOU are the talented lady around here.
    happy anniversary to you and mr bird

  17. Cris, foi uma festa linda! Tudo perfeito, as cores, a comunicação visual, como disse a Lelê, a combinação de elementos, o espelho, o tema, enfim, tudo perfeito.
    Adorei ver o seu filé aí escondidinho, em meio às lembrancinhas.
    E esse foi só o sexto ano? Imagino o que vc não fará no 10º, no 25º e por aí vai...
    Mil felicidades e todo amor do mundo para vcs 4!

  18. Beautiful decorations and yummy delights! I can't believe you didn't invite me. huhuhu :-( On another note, I can understand what you mean by running like a chicken with its head chopped off. hahaha. I am so glad you're able to share through the internet.
    Happy Anniversary my dear, your husband sounds like a dream prince! I am so very proud of your work. I love that Blue Truffle...send them through the internet!

  19. Look like you put a lot of work into this! It looks SO FUN! Nice to see you at Anything Related again!! Bridgette

  20. Your party turned out amazing!
    Hey, I know this sounds kind of weird, but I noticed in my google reader that you have a CSN giveaway going, but when I click on it is Blogger says the page I'm looking for does not exist. I've had this happen on other peoples blogs, not sure what's up or if you can fix it?

  21. Simone eles se ragalaram!! :)

    Becky, Thank you! It's actually mr. rooster hehehe

    Clau vc participou da festança por intermédio do filé! rsrsrs Obrigada mais uma vez pelo gesto!

    Amanda, recipe for the truffle coming soon! :)

    Bridgette, thank you for hosting!

    Songberries, it was a pre-programmed post but I pressed the publish putton instead of the save button...Check it out today! :)

  22. Beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary!
    Love your blog!


  23. I've been waiting to see what you had up your sleeve after all your wonderful sneak peek and it's absolutely fab! I have a feeling it is going to seriously be on the party site circuit.

  24. Cris, que festa perfeita!!!!!! Amo comida indiana, além das cores, roupas, música etc... também quero uma festa assim!!!! Você é uma baita inspiração e me surpreendo com sua scriações fantásticas a cada dia!!!! Você é talentosíssima!!!! Beijos da fã!

  25. Amazing party! The details and colors are fabulous! Simply gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  26. Katia vc é demais!!! Seus sketcehs estam perfeitos!!

    Stephanie, as ususal, my pleasure entirely!! :)

  27. This party came out beautiful. I love the designs and colors. Congratulations!

  28. Just stopped by from The Paper Source blog where I saw your comment.

    This party is amazing ... well done!
    Glad I came by : )

  29. I can't say enough how much I love this party, don't forget to leave 3 comments for my giveaway for your party submission to count!

  30. You're so creative! I'm visiting from Mailbox Monday. I signed up to be a new email subscriber.

  31. I just got hold of your blog. What a fantastic bollywood party! You may want to look into my book at

  32. All items is really cute, I am sure that our kids will love those kind of good items. Give our children a party that they will never forget.

  33. olá, Cris.
    Gostaria de comprar a festa Bollywood.
    como devo fazer?
    quando entro na página de compra, preciso dar algumas informações para personalização. Mas eu não entendi que informações são essas. Tudo vem personalizado?

  34. Olá, Cris!
    Gostaria de comprar os arquivos da festa Bollywood. Mas estou com dúvida, tudo vem personalizado? que dados tenho que te enviar?

  35. Olá, Cris!
    Gostaria de adquirir os arquivos da festa Bollywood. Mas quais são os dados para personalização que devo enviar? Todas as peças vem personalizadas?

  36. these things are full of colour and energy

  37. Circus Theme - Who doesn't love the circus. This is a lot of fun for both the kids and the adults. You can hire a clown, a balloon artist, face painter and even try to put on a small circus of your own. You can set up little rings in the backyard and provide activities like juggling, hula hoops, and magician-themed crafts for kids to invent their own shows.

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  38. Love it! Do you have the printables available to print?

    1. yes! :) they're here:

  39. hi i tryied yo download the bollywood printable staff and i couldn't . can you help me get it ?

    1. Hi, you can buy and download from our shop here:


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