May 31, 2010

A Colorful Bollywood Bling Party

Actions speak louder than words, but I just have to say this: Thank you my darling husband for putting up with me in good and bad times, for being my rock, my best friend, my soul-mate. For being a wonderful husband, father and a great human being. For being who you are and for your generous, kind, funny, intelligent, handsome and strong presence in my life - You truly complete me and I admire and fancy you a lot!!! - Oh, and have I told you  he even does the laundry, the cooking and the washing up too?! :)

Now the ramblings are over, remember my sneaky peek at the invites I was designing? Well, let me tells you how our day went...

My husband is not big on desserts but quite big on Indian curries - and with the Indian theme, we didn't want any western cakes. Instead, we filled the table with Indian-style sweet treats and desserts - Fit for a Maharajah!! :)

Some of the sweets I made myself,  like the blue Indian "truffles" (I made them up..) and the gulab jamun, and shall share the recipes with you in due course. Others more elaborate sweets such as the oriental petit fours below, I bought from our local oriental shop.

I also made all the curries and sides and mango Laassi, which is kinda of an Indian take on a milk-shake - I was very refreshing and quite thick, with real chunks of mangoes. I served them in little colored cups I bought at thrifty store!

This orange "alien-looking" thing is called Jalebi and it's an Indian sweet made by dropping swirls of batter into hot oil. It's colored with saffron but waaaay tooo complicated to make, so I bought ready-made.  It's very sugary, but stays crispy on the outside and very traditional in Indian dessert tables.

And because this was a family affair, we had conventional sweets (although the colors were quite Bollywood!) for the children. We also provided scoops so they could take some home in the little party boxes and favor bags I designed for the occasion.

In addition to the party favor sweets, I also made some Spicy Mango chutney  for the adults - We also had some on the day, so I liked the idea of the guest taking some home to enjoy the party a little longer!

By the entrance which leads to our courtyard, I placed a well wishes tree -  I say tree...It was a couple of branches I sprayed silver. I then decorated the branches with some small paper flower similar to the colored paper pom-poms above the desserts table.

The "wishes" were small round cards in the same design of the party theme with a picture of myself and the hubs. Our guests were then encouraged to leave well wishes or "word of wisdom" hehe and hang them on the tree. This makes for nice memento of the day for us...

And more party favors (bangles, papier maché elephant and watercolors for the children, Indian tea personalized with the celebration date, scented candles and soap for the adults) were displayed in clear bags and small kitsch boxes I found at the oriental store for just €1 each! The boxes looked as though they were made for this occasion, in the party colors and even had a blue elephant on them!

These party favors were displayed also by the entrance inside a small wheel-barrow decorated in the colors of the party. A small plaque read "Oriental Delights" to which I attached a silk blue ribbon.

Oh, one thing I used that made all the difference, were pieces of mirrors  (I had those at home, but you can get them cut to your specifications at a DIY shop) as trays and plates to hold the food on the table. This allowed more light to be reflected and looked really stunning with candles on them too - And off course I had to have birds everywhere!!

And to complete the party scene of course, we had lots of printables decor, including a standing, printable blue elephant cut-out that I displayed  around the tables - It looked so cool and was a talking point with children and adults alike!

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* Party Styling, Photography, Recipes and Printables: Bird's Party

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