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TUTORIAL: Mexican Senorita DIY Hair Accessory for your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011C Riches

Following on from yesterday's Mexican Fiesta Party post, I thought I'd post a quick tutorial on the colorful senorita hair piece I created for the party shoot.

These are so easy and quick to make and can be made in advance of your party and handed out as party favors or used to embellish and decorate party tables, favor bags, as brooches, to decorate candy jars, sombreros OR they are also a fun party craft activity to get your guests involved with - Just ensure an adult handles the needle and hot glue-gun off course! 

Materials needed:

* Scraps of felt in bright colors
* 2” Wide Satin Ribbon - Length depends on how big you want the flower
* Scraps of ribbon
* Colorful feathers
* Hot glue
* Scissors
* Needle & Thread
* Metal hair clip or pin (for a brooch)

How to:

1. Gather your materials
2. Cast a running stitch along one edge Of the 2” ribbon
3. Secure stitch and pull gently but firmly to ruffle the ribbon
4. Hot glue scraps of ribbon and feathers to a round piece of felt about 3” in diameter - This is what I used  but you can increase or decrease the size to get smaller or larger flowers
5. Twist and hot glue the 2” ruffled Ribbon onto the felt circle, starting from the center and working your way around and outwards to form a flower, gluing as you turn
6. Hot glue a pin or metal clip to the back of the felt piece as shown

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  1. That is really pretty and so much FUN! I just love your projects! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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