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Link Party Celebrations & Gift Review

10:07 AMC Riches

Link Party Celebrations & Gift Review

Happy Monday my friends! But if Monday does not quite rhyme with "happy" for you, then let me cheer you up a bit with a ton of party ideas PLUS a reeeeeally fun find that I just had to share! Keep on reading to find out more....

Link Party Celebrations & Gift Review

My son has been pestering me to get him a Spider-Man watch. Not a problem there, except that the watch costs about 50 dollars (gasp!) and he is 5 years old. And any mom of boys out there will agree, at that age they are not terribly careful with their possessions....So this is where Budget Gadgets comes in handy!

When I was first contacted by Budget Gadgets about doing a product review, I scoured their site in search of a worthy product to test, and then I came across these cute watches for about $5 each and I knew they would be the perfect "testing gadget" for my son - AND at that price, I would not have a heart attack whenever he was wearing it! :) 

The watches arrived a week later (in Europe), and the shipping was FREE - Another plus point! Budget Gadgets also included two more watches, one for my little girl and one for me and that was a nice surprise too. 

The only thing I was slightly concerned about was the durability. I mean at those bargain prices, how long would they last? But in all honesty, at longer than I expected!

They were worn everywhere, everyday, all the time. They were loved but were also bashed, flung across rooms, and one of them even had water spilled on (accidentally, I may add..) and it still works a month on (more than the usual shelf life in our house..) - So the kids are happy they have "grown-up" looking watches and I'm very happy they're happy! :)

I got thinking, and at those bargain prices, these cool gadgets  (and they have an array of gadgets on their site) would make for fun favors and hostess gifts too, don't you think? So if you want a bargain gadget, FREE shipping WORLDWIDE plus a 5% OFF on your purchase, then use this promo code birdsparty5off.

Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. This is my first time linking up and I already see so many beautiful parties...very fun! Thank you.

  2. I just ADORE your parties! Super excited to see a link up! :)
    Fancy Frugal Life

  3. Thanks for lining up guys!! Can't wait to peruse all the fab eye candy!! :)


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