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How To Make DIY Fondant Sailboat Cupcake Toppers

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How To Make DIY Fondant Sailboat Cupcake Toppers - BirdsParty.com

As promised when I posted our 2 Nautical Parties here and here, today I'm going to show you how I made the sail boat fondant cupcake toppers, I used for the styled shoots.

They are soooo easy to make, and can really help jazz up a simple cupcake!

There's a always a debate as to whether fondant taste good at all, but as Amy Atlas once suggested; if you use just a small edible topper over your butter cream frosting, it's all good! 

Oh, and you could also substitute the sugar paste fondant with colored Marzipan (almond paste), which taste far more delish!

How To Make Fondant Sailboat Cupcake Toppers

You'll need:

* Ready to roll sugar paste fondant in red, blue and white
* Rolling pin
* Sharp knife
* Scraps of cardboard
* Round cookie cutters (or use the sharp rim of a cup?)
* Pastry brush 
* OPTIONAL: Wilton's fondant mat

How To Make DIY Fondant Sailboat Cupcake Toppers - BirdsParty.com


1. Gather your supplies, and measure how big you want the toppers to be. This will determine the size of the sail boats, and topper base diameter, which will sit on top of your cupcakes.

2. Cut small triangle shape out of cardboard and use the cardboard as templates to cut the sail from blue fondant. I rolled my sugar past fondant to about 2mm thick each time (white, blue and red).

3. Using a round cup or cutter cut a circle out of red sugar paste fondant, then cut the circle in half using a knife. This is the bottom of your sail boat.

4. To stick the pieces of sugar paste fondant together you'll need a bit of edible glue: Just macerate with the back of a spoon, a very small amount of white fondant and a few drops of water until you get a "runny" paste. 

5. Cut your fondant base circle or scalloped circle from white sugar paste, using a cookie cutter or similar. Brush the white piece with a bit of the edible glue.

6. Carefully add the sails, and other pieces of the boat with the help of your knife. Leave to dry on your kitchen counter until the edible glue is no longer shiny.

I made these toppers weeks in advance and stored the dry toppers in a plastic container on my kitchen counter. Once the cupcakes have frosting on, place a fondant topper on each. I also stored the ready assembled cupcakes in the fridge for a few days without a problem.

Hope you enjoyed the tute, and watch out for more DIY tutorials and fun party posts to help you create your own Nautical Party in style! ;)

How To Make DIY Fondant Sailboat Cupcake Toppers - BirdsParty.com

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  1. Love these toppers and thanks for the tip on how long to store them. The bright colors are so lovely for summer! :-)

  2. Thanks for a great (and reassuringly simple!) tutorial! I've always been hesitant to use prepared fondant...but you seem happy with it. So I should give it a try! :-)

  3. Outlaw mom, I too always wonder about storage and making stuff in advance, so I'm glad it's helpful! :)

  4. Thanks Marda and Lissa!

    Lissa, would LOVE to know how you get on?!

  5. Such a great tutorial! And whatta great party set. I posted a link on EdibleCrafts.CraftGossip.com :)

  6. Excellent tutorial. I love nautical details and with your help I will maybe even plan my first nautical party!!! Thanks!!!


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