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Cake it Pretty: Summer Party Cupcakes!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011C Riches

Summer is officially here and to me, there's nothing that evokes summer more than a pair of tongs or flip-flops (my seasonal foot attire of choice...)!! :)

Our fabulous blog contributor, Marda from Belle Cake Topper and Mould; teaches us how to make these super fun, super yummy summer cupcakes! These gorgeous cupcakes would be great for a Beach Party, Summer Party, Pool Party...or just because!! Your guest would be be totally wowed either way, don't you think? :)

What you'll need:

* small knife for cutting
* sugar paste fondant in blue, brown, orange, green, yellow and pink OR you can color your own white fondant using food coloring paste in blue, brown, orange, green, yellow and pink 
* round cookies cutter to fit cupcake top (optional)
* edible-ink pen in blue


1. color the fondant with part yellow for the sand, blue for the sea, and white for the sky.
2. Attach them all together
3. roll with rolling pin until thin .
4. cut it with cookies cutter or you can use knife.
5. Ready cut disk
6. cover the cupcake.


1. color fondant with orange food color (but you can choose whatever color as you want for tongs)
2. cut with knife, to make 2 rectangles.
3. Round the ends with your finger.
4. make 2 of those
5. with small white fondant, make the straps and add to orange rectangle
6. Place sandals on the yellow part of the cupcake fondant top.


1. draw with edible-ink pen the waves at the blue part
2. roll brown fondant
3. with cocktail stick mark at the top of the brown fondant and attach it on the cupcake
4. cut green fondant with knife make half moon shapes
5. with cocktail stick mark the leaf only one side, and make 4 leaves with different size each
6. attach leafs at cupcake
7. make 2 small pink balls
8. attach on top of sandals
9. make 2 yellow balls and attach to the tree!

Enjoy your Summer! 

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