September 26, 2011

Cake it Pretty: DIY Cute Witch Cupcakes

Nothing better to start your week than with a sweet cupcake tutorial, I say!!

These cute witch cupcakes are so easy to make that you could even get the kiddies involved too - Perfect for a Halloween playdate! ;)

What you'll need:

* Ready colored fondant in colors: skin color, black, white, red, green
OR white fondant and food coloring: skin color, black,white, red, green
* White food coloring for the stars
* Small knife
* Paintbrush

How to make them:

1. cover cupcake with fondant skin color
2. cut black fondant triangle
3. fold at the top of triangle
4. attach with water to the cupcake and prop top of the hat you can use book or everything, leave until dry
5. cut white fondant line, and attach to the bottom hat
6. make 4 balls from red fondants
7.  attach to the hat and then attach green ball to make flower
8. push to make eyes the face with the bottom paintbrush
9. make white balls attach to the eyes
10. make black balls and attach to the eyes
11.make lip with knife
12.draw stars at the hat with white food color
13. draw freckles with red food color,eyelash with black food color , and make hari with yellow fondant.

Easy and cute!! :)

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