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How to Make a DIY Just Married Paper Banner

4:17 PMC Riches

How to Make a DIY Just Married Paper Banner -

Hey guys, just wanted to quickly drop you a note to let you know we have a new tutorial + FREE printables you can download at!

How to Make a DIY Just Married Paper Banner

DIY Tutorial video below:

I was very touched to have been invited back by the Get Married team to create an exclusive "Just Married" (or Just Hitched) banner tutorial for them, and I thought you guys might also like some free printables, so there you have it...Hope you like it and find it useful! :)

Download your free printables here.


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  1. I'm doing a wedding shower soon, I"m def going to use this, thank you so much!

  2. This is so pretty and you included a great tutorial. I linked it to my blog. I know the readers looking for wedding ideas will love it!

  3. Im trying to print letters for the banner but its not letting me. Is there any other way i can get it?

  4. Love it! Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm going to try to make this, only larger.


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