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DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats

6:24 PMC Riches

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats - via

Today's tutorial is courtesy of one of our newest blog contributors, Cris from Crissy's Crafts! I "met" Cris recently when she submitted her Halloween Party for a blog feature, and I just fell in love with her and her work! 

I mean, this lady is one creative momma as you'll see from today's tutorial; and her beautiful parties and clever craft ideas will be a fabulous addition to our little nook! Hope you leave Cris some love in the comments to make her feel real welcome! ;)

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats

This is a super easy treat to make for the Holidays - Gumball Trees! Who does not like gumballs? I know my children love gumballs and even more, the gumball machines! Gumballs are an inexpensive way to bring colors to your Holiday table!

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats - via

Materials Needed:

* Gumballs
* A piece of Styrofoam
* Mini marshmallows
* Lollipop sticks
* A wooden skewer {to make holes in the gumballs}
* Paper cupcake cases
* Ribbon to decorate the trees

How to make them:

1) Using a skewer stick, poke a hole in the middle of each gumball as the picture shows.

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats - via

2) Add as many gumballs as you would like or as your stick will hold, I made my tree using 3 gumballs. 
3) Insert the stick into the Styrofoam, add some mini marshmallows to cover, tie a ribbon and you are done!! So easy, right? Would make fabulous desserts table decorations or yummy party favors!

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats - via

DIY Christmas Gumball Tree Treats - via

Find out more about Cris and her work here.

More Christmas party ideas here!

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