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Boys Birthday Party Ideas: A Marvelous, Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party!

Friday, January 06, 2012C Riches

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party

As you probably can tell, this party theme is all about a much loved comic-book superhero but due to copyright issues, I have decided to call it a "Spider Hero" party! ;)

My dear friend Smita from The Party Wall styled this magnificent party for her little boy Sohan, and it was featured on Amy Atlas and Bird's Party Magazine Fall Issue 2011!

She used some of our Spider Hero party printables combined other the licensed images to create a true marvel! - d'ya see what I did there? hehe

 Below are all the stunning details as told by Smita...

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party: Party Ideas, Inspiration and Printables

The Marvel-ous theme for this party came (just as it should!) from the birthday boy himself—he just LOVES Spiderman; so, even though I’m not a huge fan myself and the theme is fairly commercialized, I set out to create an amazing Spiderman party for him! 

I envisioned something with lots of red and blue, skyscrapers, webs, spiders, and comic flair. I decided to go with the old Marvel Comics Amazing Spiderman, rather than the Hollywood movie Spiderman (which I find a bit creepy for a 4 year old!) I started planning a couple of months ago in order to be able to pull it all together in my limited free time. 

My amazingly talented friend, Bird, from Bird’s Party, was able to take my vision and design a set of custom paper printables for the party.

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party: DIY Pary Decorations and Crafts

If you missed the post about the invitations, click here. I made the invitations myself, using an electronic cutter to cut the black cardstock webbing for Spiderman’s face. The webbing was then glued to red cardstock. I backed the invitation with a Spiderman comic strip and topped it with a vellum sheet with the party details. I hand stamped the envelops with skyscrapers.

The focal point of the dessert table was a giant building backdrop that I drew by hand using thick, black permanent marker on foam board. I used foam blocks to connect the buildings to one another. I stuck a Spiderman wall decal on foam board too and suspended him in front of the building backdrop, with webs shooting out of his wrists, to create a 3D effect. I was really thrilled that it turned out the way I'd envisioned it in my head. Erin Homann Photography captured the event with her wonderful photography.

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party: Party Cake and Desserts Table

I designed the cake myself and had it made by the awesome folks at a local San Antonio bakery, D’Pasteles. Didn't they do a fabulous job? 

I found a fabulous vendor on Etsy, Radiant Cakes, to make the cake pops. The cake pops came individually wrapped, complete with ribbon! And I heard that they tasted great; although, I didn't get to taste one because they were gobbled up really quickly by the children at the party! 

I also bought the Spiderman cookies on Etsy, from SweetLill (which was an equally sweet experience). SweetLill is a new vendor on Etsy, but has a very high quality product. The cookies was as tasty as they were beautiful. She even sent me some mini Spiderman cookies (but those didn't last until the party!).


Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party: Spider Hero Cupcakes and DIY Cupcake Stands

Last, but by no means least, the fabulous fondant cupcake toppers were also purchased on Etsy, from Village Cupcakes. These toppers were so adorable that most of the children took them home to "play with" rather than eating them! :-) 

I made the cupcake stands out of tin cans and cake boards! For a tutorial on how to make these type of cupcake stands, visit Bird's blog. I covered the tin cans with scrapbook paper from the printables collection and covered the cake boards with red construction paper. I drew webs on the construction paper and rimmed the cake boards with more webbing.

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party
 Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party: Party Credits

Party Styling and desserts: Smita - The Party Wall
Photoigraphy:  Erin Homann Photography
Spider Hero Party printables: Bird's Party
Custom Birthday Cake: D’Pasteles
Spiderman Cookies: SweetLill 
Fondant Toppers: Village Cupcakes
Cake Pops: Radiant Cakes
Spiderman Crayons: The Party Wall

Spiderman Inspired Super Hero Birthday Party and Printables Invitations

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  1. that backdrop is fabulous! Love this party.

  2. Love it!!!
    where did you purchase the web ribbiob on the cupcake stand and the web table runner??

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