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DIY Circus Birthday Crayon Party Favors

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DIY Circus Birthday Crayon Party Favors -

These homemade crayons make for really fun, and economical party favors for any age, and it's a great use for all those broken up crayons lying around the house! ;)

I made them for my kid's Big Top Circus birthday party to accompany some handmade coloring booksBut you can adapt the tutorial to suit any party theme, just change the molds!!

DIY Circus Birthday Crayon Party Favors -

DIY Circus Birthday Crayon Party Favors

What you'll need:

* Wax crayons
* Craft knife or x-acto knife
* Clean, Empty and dry food can
* Chocolate pop molds
* Platic bags
* Stapler

DIY Circus Birthday Crayon Party Favors -

How to make them:

1. If your crayons have paper labels, take them off with a craft knife. Simply score down the length of each crayons (be careful!) and the paper comes off easily (NOT a job for kids, obviously!)

2. Break up the crayons into equal pieces so they melt evenly, and place them into the can. You can use similar shades of one color or mix crayon colors for a groovy effect!

3. Place your can in a low oven (about 100 Deg C) until it's all melted. It does not take more than 5 minutes.

4. Pour the melted wax carefully into the molds until it's level, and let it set in the fridge. Please note: Molds cannot be used again for cooking!

5. Once cooled, remove the crayons carefully from the mold and place them into a favor bag. Fold over the favor bag label and staple in place. Cute, right? :)

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  1. thanks sooo much! great idea! best wishes and a creative weekend. cant wait to see more... di


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