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DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies

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DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies - via

Hello, its  Hani from Haniela's - For those of you who don’t know me let me introduce myself, I’m an editor of a Haniela’s, my sweet and crafty refuge. I love to bake, decorate, and make pretty edible things from scratch and today, I will be sharing a really cute and cookielicious Easter project with you all!

With Easter in less than 2 weeks how about we make some adorable and super easy Easter Bunny Cookies - best part about these is that they inspired by  Bird's Party Easter Printable Collection and designs and you can make them as special as you like!
DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies - via

DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies

Striped and Polka Dot Easter Bunny Cookies

I made Easter Bunny cut outs but you can use any other shapes you like, eggs, chicks, different bunny shapes.


Bake the cookies using your favorite recipe for cut out cookies, or you can use recipes I use the most - Collection of Roll Out Cookie Recipes. My favorite is Chocolate, Sugar and Honey Cookies.

DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies - via


To ice the cookies I use my Fresh Lemon Royal Icing, I use a real lemon to flavor my icing. It gives the icing fresh taste and your a get an extra dose of vitamin C too, that is always a good thing, especially when eating cookies. 

Trick to making this design is to use what is called wet on wet technique.

1. First you need to outline and flood the cookie with white icing, you can learn more about flooding consistency of you icing in my tutorial here.
2. Once you finish flooding the cookie you need start making striped using desired colors right away (this is the wet on wet technique), best when icing  you‘ll be using to make the stripes is thinned down to flood consistency as well. 
3. To decorate I use either parchment cones or sandwich bags. I know it sounds a little weird but I really use sandwich bags, like the one you see in the picture above - Just fill the bag with icing (tip how to fill a sandwich bag with icing), snip of a small piece of a corner and you are ready to decorate, if you are not confident with sandwich bag, use regular piping bag fitted with a coupler and a piping tip. 

I recommend PME tips, if those are not available to you or you don't want to invest in those (they can be pricey) use Wilton, they a cheaper and wildly available and they will work as well. Use #2 or 3 for outline, and # 1 for stripes.


Once you've piped the stripes onto your cookies, let them dry completely.

Try not to lift the cookies while they are drying, best to leave them on a flat surface undisturbed for several hours prior handling.

DIY Easter Bunny Decorated Cookies - via


Packaging  is a great way to present your cookies when you are giving them away as a gift or party favors!

For these cookies I used:

*  Wilton's Clear Bags that are 4x9 inches  

1. Place the cookie into the bag, fold the ends few times, using a stapler, secure the ends in place, using a stapler at each end.
2. Put the label over the stapled end and secure the label in place with one staple in the upper middle section
3.Thread a ribbon through the staple and make a bow

More Easter party recipes here!

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  1. You make cookie decorating look so easy. I love your choice of colors. They are different, but still shout spring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the colors and the design of the cookies. Matches the printables perfectly!

  3. Love these! They look like cutouts from scrapbook paper...

  4. Hello, you were featured here in Easter Inspiration Desk

  5. Happy Easter everyone. I never made the bunny cookies Just noticed again how pretty you deco. them, love the colors. I'll make same receipe for cookies with a I Love You cutter with those colors. I have so many cutters> Fun??


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