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Hawaiian Tiki Luau DIY Party Ideas & Free Printables

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Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Ever since my dear friend Tiffany from Fizzy Party create that fabulous Hawaiian centerpiece tutorial for Bird's Party Magazine, I've bee dying to design some Tiki Luau inspired party printables!

Along with the FREE Tiki Luau party printable, I've put together some quick and easy ideas to help get inspired for your Hawaiian bash! ;)

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Tiki Candy and Marshmallows Totem Poles 

Simple take your favorite soft candy and marshmallows (or even fruit!) in different colors and insert them through a wooden BBQ skewer. To make the job easier, dip your skewer into some confectioner sugar (icing sugar) as you go along to avoid the skewer being too sticky. Leave about 2 inches off the top of each skewer, and then stick a totem pole printable tag to the top with hot glue or double-sided tape.

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Display them upright inserted into floral block or polystyrene block inside a rectangular planter. To cover the planter, simply wrap a piece of double-sided tape all around your planter and stick bits of raffia to it. Use a matching piece of ribbon to center it all, and trim the ops and bottom of the raffia. Finish with a  printable Hibiscus flower from our FREE Tiki Luau Party Kit!

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

DIY Hibiscus Flower Pompoms

I always keep party decor (yes, I'm a hoarder..) and my paper poms are no exception, so when it came to making these Hibiscus Flower Pompoms, all I had to do was to get creative with a  pipe cleaner! 

They are sooo easy to make - Just make a paper pom like you would normally (tutorial here), then twist a piece of brown pipe cleaner around the center of each open pom, and open the pom flat, scrunching some of the "petals" to give it the Hibiscus look. 

You can hang those as part of a table backdrop, or use as table centerpiece décor.

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Hawaiian Luau Punch Recipe

Blend together 1 cut pineapple, 1 cut mango and the seeds from 2 passion fruits with 1 litre of water. Strain and sweeten to taste. Serve chilled in sugar-rimmed margarita glasses, and add a cute straw decorated with our FREE Tiki Luau Party Printables!

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

DIY Luau Cupcakes Recipe

Bake a batch of your favorite cupcake and flavor it with the zest of 1 orange or lime. Frost with cream cheese frosting flavored with a tablespoon of Malibu. Omit alcohol if desired, and use coconut milk instead. Then top each cupcake with a FREE printable Tiki Luau party tag from Bird's Party!

Hawaiian Tikki Luau Party with free printables -

Hope you like the ideas and, don't forget to download this month's FREE Tiki Luau party printables over on our Facebook page - Simply click on the FREE PRINTABLES tab on the top right hand-corner of our Facebook page, where we share a new freebie printables every month! ;)


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