July 6, 2012

Friday Giveaway: $70 Shopping Spree from Posh Baby Boutique Store

Posh Baby Boutique Store is an online Sassy, Chic and Stylish Couture Clothing Store for children of any age, and they are giving away a fabulous $70 Gift Card for you to spend as you wish in their online store!

They offer an incredible selection of clothing and Hair Accessories for babies and children of all ages! In their online boutique, you will find stunning one of the kind Chic Posh Girls Outfits, Vintage Dresses, Baby Girl Tutus, Tutu Dresses, Princess Dresses, Birthday Shirts and Personalized Birthday Outfits, as well as jewelry, bespoke shoes, bags and all kinds of fashion accessories for girls of all ages and some for Boys too! 

Their couture designs are handcrafted and custom made and are sure to be show stoppers - The clothing is seriously stunning as you can see from the photos, and would make any little birthday girl swoon with joy! The outfits are also great for special occasions like wedding Flower Girl Dresses!

For your chance to win a cool $70 Gift Card to spend as you wish at Posh Baby Boutique Store, simply enter below - There are 10 entries up for grabs!

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