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DIY Olympic Rings Dessert Table Backdrop

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DIY Olympic Rings Dessert Table Backdrop -

As part of our 'Olympic Party Week' I thought I'd share with you a really easy tutorial I created for the backdrop of my Olympic Desserts Table - As seen on Bird's Party Magazine :)

It's the perfect DIY decoration to embellish a photo booth, party table backdrop or sporty birthday walls!

DIY Olympic Rings Dessert Table Backdrop

Materials Needed: 

* 5x  flat-backed polystyrene wreaths from craft stores (I used 21 cm diameter wreaths)
* Crepe paper in blue, black, red, yellow and green
* Scissors
* Small metal pins or glue for a permanent wreath

DIY Olympic Rings Dessert Table Backdrop -

How to make your Olympic Rings Backdrop:

1) Cut your crepe paper to about 3” thick stripes (you could also use crepe paper rolls). I just cut straight from the roll.

2) Pin one end of the paper to the back of the wreath and start wrapping the paper around the ring until the entire surface is covered in paper - Slightly overlapping each layer as you wrap.

3) When you’re finished wrapping, make a small fold on the end of the crepe paper and pin to the back of the wreath. You could also use hot glue, but the great thing about pinning is that you can re-purpose the wreaths for another craft project if desired! ;)

4) Because the rings are very light in weigh, you can stick to your desserts table backdrop board (large poster board, white canvas etc) using double-sided tape. I stuck mine directly onto my white wall, but I don't recommend it as it can peel off the paint!

Click here to get our complete printable party kit inspired by the Olympic Games !!!

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  1. Oh wow! I can't believe it was crepe paper. I've been wondering how you made them. Awesome.

  2. Great idea, we shared it at our FB and Twitter! Thanks!

  3. Love this. I'm planning my son's 4th birthday party and it is Olympic themed. He was born just before opening ceremonies in 2008 so we thought the theme fitting :)
    Can't wait to make these wreaths to add a little something to our party

    1. Oh how fun Courtney!! Double celebration! :)
      Come back and show us after?!

  4. Great ideas!!Thanks for sharing!!


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