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4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes

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4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes -

I love to bake, but sometimes we all just need some quick ideas to jazz up store-bought sweets, right?! These NO-BAKE Halloween sweet treats were made entirely using shop-bought ingredients. They are such fun, really easy and super quick to make - And you don't even have to be a Bakerela to do it! ;)

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4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes

The kids can totally get involved making these spooky treats - Great party activity for trick or treat play dates, Halloween birthdays or just something fun to do on All Hallow's Eve!! ;)

Oreo Cookie and Candy Corn Crows

4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes -

Twist your Oreo and fill with cream cheese frosting (store-bought, people). Add licorice wings (from licorice wheels cut in half) and close Oreo. Add a little blob of frosting to the edible sugar eyes and candy corn beak, then place on the cookies - I think they also could be made to look like bats. What do you think? :)

Chocolate Brownie Spiders

4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes -

Cut pieces of chocolate covered pretzels (to make your own: dip the pretzel sticks into melted chocolate and let it dry on parchment paper) and insert the bits into brownie squares. Add a little melted chocolate onto the sugar eyes to complete the spiders.

Meringue Ghost Pops

4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes -

Take a squeeze chocolate tube (sold in most cake isles in the supermarket or cake decorating store) and draw eyes and mouth onto the long meringues. Let dry, then carefully insert a paper straw into each meringue to make "floating" ghost pops! You could also just use a little melted chocolate and a paintbrush or piping bag? I was just being extra lazy...

Jack O'Lantern Swirl Lollipops

4 NO-BAKE Halloween Sweet Treat Recipes -

This was shamelessly inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest. I later found it was from my friend Meaghan (The Decorated Cookie), who likes to draw on marshmallows using edible-ink pens - So easy, that I'm not even gonna bother explaining! ;)

What about you? What will you be baking (or not) this Halloween?

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