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My Kids' Joint Barnyard Farm Birthday Party

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Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Desserts Table -

I love thinking of fun, unique ideas and twists on popular birthday themes, and it was no different for my  children this year - We always have a joint party as they were born on the same day but two years part, and the Barnyard Farm Theme was a perfect solution for their 5th and 7th birthday celebrations!

I did snap loads of pics a usual, but below's a taster of the day...Oh, and because I made a lot of the stuff by hand, there'll be some tutorials coming all this week! :)

Joint Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas and Printables -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas and Printables -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party Styling and Printables 

As we live in the country near lots of farms, I relished the chance to incorporate some of the familiar farmhouse details in the decor like hay bales, gingham, burlap and grass. 

Another feature I really wanted to use to help bring the farm look to the party and the desserts table, was a traditional American red barn. So I created a Barnyard Printable Party Collection and party invitation invite based around that and the farm animals.  

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas and Printables -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Cake Pops -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party Decor and DIY 

I have to say, I've since seen loooooads of farm parties with red barns - so it turns out it's not really a pioneering idea as such, but hey, this is my own quirky take on it and my kids loved it - So I'm happy! :)

The desserts table backdrop was made to match the printable designs on a large white paint canvas, and I decorated it with construction paper, real straw and synthetic grass - All using hot glue.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Party Favor Boxes and Backdrop -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party Food, Drinks and Desserts Table

For the main desserts table itself  I used an old wooden table and simply covered it with AstroTurf that I purchased at my local fabric store to measure. The white picket fence from a garden center helped complete the look and frame the top of the table. 

And also incorporated some sunflowers in old milk churns from the farm, and red gingham rosette bunting around the table using the printable scrapbook papers from the collection.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Desserts, Cookies and Treats -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Food and Drinks -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party DIY Desserts

I wanted to create a "farm shop" look for the main desserts table which I set up indoors, and fill it with farmhouse or homemade produce:

* a homemade, rustic apple and berry pie instead of a cake with a personalized birthday banner,
* homemade "Pigs in Mud" chocolate pots with "Made on the Farm" labels,
* a large wooden bucket filled with apples, "Hatching Chicks" cake pops displayed in empty egg cartons labelled with "Free Range Eggs" printable egg box labels,
* candy eggs inside egg shell plastic containers, as well as the farm animals decorated cookies from Maman Les P'tits Gateaux, which were displayed onto a square bale of hay.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas and Printables -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Kids Table

Other iconic farm details on the table included mini metal milk churns filled with milk candies and displayed on mini hay bales. The mini churns were covered with red gingham scrapbook paper. The milk bottles also had a "farm" accent with the addition of mini straw hats (which also helped keep the bugs at bay!) and wrapped with cute "Farm Fresh Milk" bottle wrappers. 

Each little guest had their own little British-style "Ploughman's Lunch" inside a glassine sandwich bag which I printed directly on to, with the labels from the Barnyard Printable Collection. And also received a red barn favor box filled with farm animal sweet treats, which were kindly shipped over to me from the UK by my sweet friend Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Kids Table and Printables -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Table Styling and Printables

The sitting area was set up on the patio outside and contained a whimsical mini "Farm Orchard", which I created from lollipop sticks and covered with hay. This was also used to display homemade apple pops so the kids would "pick their own" just like in a normal farm orchard. 

Each place setting and dessert was labelled with a DIY farm-style mini signs that I made using some of the printables and lollipop sticks. On each place setting there was also a cupcake displayed inside a mini metal pail. I topped each with cream cheese colored in green, and decorated with shredded wheat cereal to emulate hay. All topped with a cute printable animal toppers from the Barnyard Collection.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Kids Table Styling -

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party Favors and Activities 

Favors included milk carton favor boxes filled with farm cookies which the kids decorated during the party, the red barn favor boxes with sweet treats, barn animals party hats from the printable collection and DIY Stick Horses, which I made by gluing large horse icons from the printables kit onto wooden dowel rods purchased at my local hardware store. These were decorated with red gingham ribbon and buttons for a whimsical look. 

Farm honey pots decorated with wooden bees and printable labels were provided for the parents from a local farm.

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Favors -

We had fun playing charade games where each child had to guess the farm animal hat they were wearing, as well as racing their stick horses. I also set up a little cookie decorating station with blank sugar cookies, cookie cutters and all the ingredients for them to decorate their own farm animal sugar cookies from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design, which they also got to take home inside their milk carton favor boxes! 


I have to say a HUGE thanks to two dear and very talented friends of mine who helped me out at the last minute, when I was all panicky thinking I couldn't do it: Alexandra from Maman Les P'tits Gateaux for making and delivering to my door in person, those stunning decorated cookies; and Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Designs, who shipped me a huge box full with yummy and fabulous goodies to help me out with the party styling and food! Could NOT have pulled it off without your help, ladies!! :)

Farm and Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas: Party Credits 

Styling, Desserts and Photography: Bird - Bird's Party 
Barnyard Party Printables: Bird's Party 
Decorated Cookies: Maman Les P'tits Gateaux 
Blank Sugar Cookies + Supplies, Egg Candy: Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design 
Mini Hay Hales:  Bird's Party
Mini Milk Churn Galvanized Pots: Bird's Party
Glass Milk Bottles: Bird's Party
Wooden Spoons:  Bird's Party
Mini Straw Hats: Bird's Party

Click to see more farm and barnyard or red barn birthday party ideas, party decor and party printables on this theme!

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  1. This party is so cute! Everything is so detailed, and the printables are great! I especially love the free range eggs and milk cartons.

  2. SO super cute, bird!! love all the details.

  3. Bird, you did such a great job and your children are so sweet. How fun that they have the same date.

  4. Great job Bird! And your sweeties are adorable :)

  5. Girl,this is sooooooooo precious!!!! LOVE the collection. AWESOME JOB!!

  6. This theme is adorable....fantastic job. Creating a party for two different ages groups and you have done this with such ease!

  7. Eu adorei essa festa e amo esse blog!
    Inspirado nessa festa fizemos uma festinha para meus primos as fotos estão no meu blog

  8. Elegant birthday themes you have post!! Thank you for share beautiful animal birthday themes...

  9. Some great kids party ideas here. I really like the animal farm theme. The kids always seem to love this theme, which comes with the added bonus of them being able to learn something whilst having fun at the same time.


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