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Cake it Pretty: Fondant Gingerbread People Cupcake Toppers

Monday, December 10, 2012C Riches

There's nothing like the smell of gingerbread to put me in the Christmas Mood, and this week we're bringing you some fun posts inspired by this most delicious of Christmas scents! 

The first of our posts is courtesy of our blog contributor Marda, from Belle Cake Topper and Mould, and she teaches us how to make the cutest Gingerbread People Fondant Toppers, inspired by Bird's Party Christmas Candyland Design!  :)

Materials Needed:

* Fondant sugar paste: red, white, brown and black
* Mini gingerbread cookie cutter
* Lollipop Sticks
* Small paintbrush and water for sticking shapes together


1. Cut the brown fondant with the ginger bread cookie cutter. Neaten the edges of the cut-out with your fingers.
2. Cover lollipop stick with white or brown fondant and attach to the back ginger bread shape with a dab of water
3. Make 2 small white ball for ayes and attach them, and make 2 black ball fondant smaller size attach them to the eyes. Mark lips with edge of cutter or knife.
4. Add skirt, blouse, bow tie or rose embellishments to your liking - Your imagination is the limit!

Easy and ever so cute! :)

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