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TUTORIAL: Anthropologie Inspired Scroll Garland - Perfect for Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012C Riches

Hello again! It's Christine from Pure Joy Events. You may remember the Anthropologie inspired tutorials that I shared on Bird's Party - the Vellum Garland and Ombre Paint Stick Backdrop. When I saw this gorgeous Anthropologie window display on Black Friday, well of course I had replicate it! 

Here's my version of the Scroll Garland (I made up that name by the way). Oh how lovely they would look as a backdrop during the holiday season (Hanukkah perhaps?). Change up the look by draping them horizontally.

Anthropologie Inspired Scroll Garland - Perfect for Hanukkah!

Most likely, you already have the materials on hand:

* 12" x 12" cardstock (I used Recollections cool water cardstock from Michael's)
* large paper clips
* paper cutter
* stapler
* glue stick

Step 1: Cut the cardstock into 1 1/2" strips.
Step 2: Make a loop with a strip and secure to a center strip ("the spine") with a paper clip. Attach loops in various shapes and sizes.
Step 3: Pinch the area secured by the paper clip with one hand. Carefully remove the paper clip with the other hand, then staple.
Step 4: To lengthen the garland, simply staple another strip to the end of the center strip.

Step 5: Continue to add loops until desired length is achieved.
Step 6: Glue small strips of paper over the staples.

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  1. this is gorgeous! I have so much cardstock lying around here... now I know what to do with it! Pinning...

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! Love this!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I love the look!

  4. I'm doing a book club party and I can see making this out out book pages--thanks for the inspiration! It's lovely!

  5. I will bed doing this with my daughter!

  6. That's beautiful, I will definitely do this...
    Thanks for sharing this wonderfu idea.
    Jule from inside9B

  7. I can't wait to try this! I'm going to start on my Christmas color ones tonight.

  8. I love this! I'm going to start my Christmas Theme one tonight.

  9. Beautiful and so simple! Thinking about using this as table runners for my wedding.

  10. what a greta way to beautify a room in no time. So pinning it!

  11. Love love love this. Using a cross stitch ring and hanging them from it to make a chadler

  12. Love love love this! Taking a cross stitch ring and hanging them from it to make a chandler

  13. Thank you for awesome posting about this tutorial

  14. Your photos and instructions are very good. Lovely post.

  15. I love this amazing garland! I'm sharing on my 8 Paper Crafts for Birthday Round-up! Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

  16. I am trying this out as we speak! Any tips for how to hang these? They seem a little heavy for fishing line and scotch tape.

  17. Not sure how they hooked it up on Anthropologie, but you may wanna try a more solid string and a hook to your surface if you can? I'm thinking push pins may work too, but they will again leave a mark on the surface.

  18. How many sheets of cardstock did you use? I am using 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, and cutting each sheet into 10 strips. I bought 250 sheets so I will have about 2500 strips. Think that's enough to border an average bedroom?

    1. Hi Rachel, it will all depend how long you make each garland too ;)
      She used one 12 x 12 inch sheet per colored section


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