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Tuesday, January 08, 2013C Riches

There's nothing better than a good old Cheese and Wine Party to warm your cockles in the cold winter months! It's quite a relaxed way to entertain in my view, but also a fun way to savor the remaining goodies left from your Christmas pantry!

Now that my kids are schooled full time, hubby and I find ourselves having romantic lunch dates. Hence this impromptu little tablescape! ;)

Hope you like these quick ideas + some FREE printables for you to download!

Do the Rustic Style - The idea here is to have fun! Simple really is better in this case - Go with natural elements, earthy tones, wintry colors. A great tip is to forage around in your garden shed for unique ways to bring your table together. 

I used a simple Kraft paper runner for my white table, and slate piece from my garden as a cheese board. No plates required in this rustic tablescape, as the Kraft paper is quite sufficient - All complemented off course by simple glassware and plenty of it, so guests can taste to their hearts content!

Say Cheers! - I'm no wine expert so I tend to ask the store sommelier or vendor when I purchase my wine. I tell them what would pair well with the food (in this case cheese) that I am serving.

However, the whole point here is that you also get to taste the wine you might already have at home, and also discover what tickles your taste buds! So I quite like the idea of having a few "pot luck" wines to sip and see with my guests ;)

My personal top 5 faves: Gros Maseng, Muscat Blanc, Tawny Port, Riesling and dry Champagne. 

This is also a great list for cheese and wine pairing.

Say Cheese - A simple way to start is to go for a variety ranging from the freshest like a goat or sheep milk cheese, to the more mature, hard cheeses like an aged Gouda. Also a good idea to include a blue cheese in there like a Stilton or Roquefort. 

Get the cheeses to room temperature at least 30 minutes before tasting - It make a HUGE difference to the flavor! Label each with our FREE printable cheese board cards (or simply write directly onto the slate or tablecloth as seen here)

Serve some plain crackers as palate cleansers (for in between wine tasting), but also other tasty treats like breads, preserves, fruits, nuts and honey for afters. 

Fun and Games - Wine tasting is quite an art, but we can all play experts for the day by following five simple  rules: See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savor (no spitting, please...). Our FREE printable tasting cards will help you describe what you taste. First the wine alone, then the wine + cheese.

Another amusing idea is to carry out blind tastings, where guests try and guess the wine. Our FREE  numbered cards will ensure fair play but also make the table looks extra  fun! 

For more Cheese and Wine party ideas, visit or Pinterest Board here and Bird's Party Magazine here.

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  1. Wow, that's such a great party idea! I love white wine as well as cheese.. I can't believe I never thought of this before!

  2. I've always wanted to throw a wine & cheese party and now you have me thinking about it again. I love the printables!

  3. Love this! So simple, yet so sophisticated and inviting! Enjoy your lunch dates, I really crave doing that every now and then :-) Beijos, Flavia (Fête à Fête)

  4. I like the way you have impromtu lunch's. I've never had a wine and cheese party but would love too and you're ideas inspire me.


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