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Valentine's Day | DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets

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Valentine's Day | DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets -

I love thinking up new ideas on how to re-purpose printables. Take a sheet of printable scrapbook paper + some heart favor tags, for instance - the possibilities are truly endless!

I hate waste also, and have used the off cuts of the paper to embellish some pretty cute Valentine's Cutlery Pockets! Step-by-step below...

Valentine's Day | DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets

Materials Needed:

* Scissors
* Double-sided tape
* Foam Pads

Valentine's Day | DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets -


1) Print the patterned papers onto white A4 paper. I used the 2 prints found in Bird's Party Sweet Valentine's Kit. the cut 2x rectangles measuring 4 inches wide x 10.5 inches tall (10cm x 26.5cm) and 2 more rectangles measuring 4 inch x 7 inch (10cm x 18cm)

2) Apply double-sided tape to 3 sides of the smaller rectangles as shown.

3) Stick the smaller rectangle on top on the taller rectangles on all 3 sides to form a pocket. 

4) Embellish the pockets with off cute of the papers, and add a printable heart tag to the front using a foam pad for a nice 3-D effect.

Insert a napkin and cutlery inside each pocket, and display on your Valentine's Table for a super cutesy touch! ♥

Valentine's Day | DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets -

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