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DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props

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 DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props -

For my kids Barnyard Birthday Party last year, I wanted to make retro, child toy horse photo props, which doubled as party games and favors too!

Though I live in the country near lots of farms, not all of us can afford real stallions...So this wooden version using paper printables, was a quite a fun alternative - Not to mention quick to make!

Like I said before, I love DIY but lacked the time to sew a fabric horse head, so party printables were my go-to life saver (as always).

It's by no means a long lasting solution, but they looked so cute as photo props, and the kids enjoyed  racing them up and down in the garden - Who knew that in the age of technology, something so simple like a wooden-toy-horse-stick-thingy would still mean hours of fun?! :)

DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props -

DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props

Materials Needed:

* Printable Horse Head Icons
* 1 inch wood dowel rods (from DIY stores)
* Red gingham ribbon
* Red buttons
* String
* Hot Glue (couldn't live without this stuff!)

Directions: (Excuse the poor lighting - I made these at night...)

1) Take each button and thread the string through the holes then tie at the back.

2) Print 2 copies of the horse head icons onto cardstock (print the second  head using the mirror-image setting on your printer to get opposite sides facing in different directions), and cut each part. Then hot glue one end of a 12 inch (30 cm) piece of gingham ribbon on one of the horse heads, where indicated on the photo. leave the other end until we proceed with next part.

DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props -

3) Hot glue one the horse head (one with the ribbon) onto a dowel rod, and hot glue a button on top of the ribbon end.

4) Repeat for the other side, gluing the other end of the ribbon onto the second horse head. Finally glue the other side on the dowel rod

DIY Toy Horse Barnyard Birthday Photo Booth Props -

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  1. These are the cutest barn party ideas I have ever seen. Wouldn't it be fun to have one of these kid parties in an actual barn. So many of my clients rent out their barns for wedding and big events, but kid parties would be amazing too!

  2. I was wondering if there was a way if i could purchase just the horse.

  3. Sure! Please email us at: bird(at)birdsparty(dot)com :)


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