March 12, 2013

30 Days of FREE Party Printables: Day 9 - St Paddy's Day Cootie Catchers

I always thought cootie catcher's looked like clovers, so what more perfect craft to make with kids for St Paddy's Day then a fun Cootie Catcher?! 

We include dares like "Dance Like a Leprechaun", "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" and "Tell a Limerick or Irish Joke" for clean family fun, but I guess you could totally make them into more 'adult' versions with 'Guinness drinking' dares perhaps?! ;)

I remember these when I was a kid and the amount of fun that could be had with a piece of paper! Well, let me tell you, the appeal of cootie catchers transcends time - My kids gave up computer games for an afternoon to play with these! :)

When making them I also wondered why the call it Cootie Catcher, so good old Wikipedia provided the answer: "...being used to tell fortunes, these shapes may be used as a pincer to play-act catching insects such as lice, hence the "cootie catcher" name."

How to Fold Your Paper Cootie Catcher:

Image Source: Wikipedia

And here's a little video on how to assemble your cutie cootie using our FREE printable template:

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