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DIY Wedding Ideas for HGTV + FREE Printable Wedding Stationery!!!

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So mega excited to finally share my latest project for HGTV !!!

My inspiration for parties and printables usually comes from my kids, and so naturally; I've always gravitate towards all-things-geared-for-little-ones. So it was mega refreshing to be tackling a subject that I don't often get to work on - Weddings!! ♥

The idea of this story was to create DIY projects, and simple crafts and ideas that can be easily re-created or put together. The pink palette was of course my first choice for the Romantic Wedding theme. Who doesn't ♥ pink?!!

And in-keeping with the DIY concept, I designed the complete FREE printable wedding stationery, baked (even made a DIY wedding cake!!), crafted, styled and photographed the lot. So if I can DIY it, it means you most certainly can too! ;)

Needless to say, I had a blast working on this project and it's now one of my faves! And as always, I'm very grateful and honored for the chance to work with HGTV once again!! Hope many more projects to come! ;)

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