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How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

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How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake -

I'm no professional baker, so the thought of making a DIY wedding cake for my latest project for HGTV was a little daunting. But then I realized that with anything homemade, the beauty is in the "journey" as much as in the final product. 

So I went with a less is more approach. Basic pound cake, simply frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting (thanks to all the masterclasses in Caking it Pretty!). 

The "wow factor" came from some easy to make (yes, honestly!) fondant roses, which I displayed in a cascading fashion on the front of the cake.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

I must say, the results exceeded my wildest expectations, and I loved how it turned out. Minimum effort (well, nearly...) and maximum satisfaction = My kind of baking! ;)

Head over to HGTV to get the full step-by-step tutorial and recipes!

Moral of the post: If this bird can, anyone can! Don't be afraid to have a go - Remember that your own wedding cake should reflect YOU (and your partner of course..) and all will be well! ♥

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