3 Easy DIY Cake Bunting Ideas to Make at Home

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Though I love cupcakes, cakes have a really special place in my heart too. And a cake bunting in my opinion, is a quick and fun way to make any simple cake look totally adorable and unique!

Take a look at 3 super simple ideas (that use stuff most of us have at home...) + step-by-step below...

Ribbon Cake Bunting


Take ribbon scraps and hot glue to a piece of string. tie to a couple of straws. Insert 2 wooden skewers into cake, and slot cake bunting straws over the skewers. This is perfect to use up ribbon scraps!

Another variation on ribbon bunting here.

Pompom Flowers Cake Bunting


The chiffon floral ribbon is doing half the work here!

Glue a piece of string to the center of the chiffon floral ribbon using hot glue. Whilst glue is still wet, add another row of the ribbon on top, pressing firmly to make a "sandwich". 
Tie firmly to a couple of lollipop sticks, and insert into cake (add a dab of hot glue if it helps keep the poms in place).

Colored Beads and Yarn Tassel Cake Bunting


Select your beads, and string them together making a knot on one end of the string. Keep going until you reach the desired length. Tie a know on the other end. Tie string to a couple if wooden skewers or paper straws. Insert into cake. TIP: You can also use gumballs or mini-marshmallows instead of beads - Use a needles and some confectioner to string them together, dusting needle with a little confectioner's sugar to avoid sticking.

For the tassel: Wrap some yarn around your hand to several times to get a loop. Tie one end of the loop with a piece of yarn. Cut open the other end of the loop, and trim end so they are all the same size. Hot glue to top of the bunting sticks.

Hope you like it, and let me know if you have any other fun cake bunting suggestions?! ;)

Vendor Credits:

* Styling and photography: Bird's Party
* Beads, chiffon ribbon and cupcake cases: Wholeport.com
* Paper Straws: Sweets and Treats Boutique

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