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Summer Birthday Party Ideas: DIY Strawberry Themed Desserts Table with printables and Recipes

Tuesday, July 09, 2013C Riches

I styled this mini desserts table for the July/August edition of the French national magazine, Créative. And when choosing a theme, strawberries just seemed the perfect match for a seasonal and super sweet table!

Needless to say, I LOVED styling it - not only did I get to design and shoot a brand new printable party theme in another language, but I also got to play with fondant. A lot! And fondant is kinda like modelling clay for grown ups ;)

Another fun aspect is that I had baked all the desserts myself (yes, that is fun for me..), from the cookies to the marshmallow pops, the strawberry cookies, cake and cupcakes !! (scroll down to see the recipe links).

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Party Details and Printables

This retro Strawberry Sweet Table would be a perfect addition to any birthday party, indoor picnic or any seasonal celebration!

The styling I chose was in-keeping with the Strawberry party printables, which were designed with a retro motif and colors in mind for a fresh and seasonal take on this theme. 

The decor includes lots of DIY and handmade details like the ribbon cake bunting, homemade jam party favors, embellished drinks bottles, crepe paper pomanders as well as fondant strawberry decorations and desserts.

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Desserts, Food, Candy and Drinks

As I said, desserts and sweet treats were homemade (except for the macarons, my Achilles heel!). Cupcakes were vanilla topped with cream cheese strawberry frosting and a fondant strawberry I made as decor. They were displayed in embellished paper cases. Simple paper cases look bespoke with the help of some printable and pieces of ribbon - Firstly, glue the ribbon around each case using hot glue, and embellish the front of each with a strawberry tags from Bird's Party.


The lush cake was a vanilla sponge with strawberry frosting and decorated with fondant strawberries, fondant pearls trim in blue and a DIY mini bunting made from ribbon scraps (link of tutorials below). This is a great way to use up scraps of ribbons - Simply hot glue scraps of ribbon of various lengths to a piece of string. Tie the string onto a wooden BBQ stick, and insert a paper straw to cover stick. Use as cake decor.

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: DIY Decor and Printables

I also served strawberry sugar cookies, strawberry marshmallow pops, strawberry French macarons, strawberry meringues stacked up high into a glass cloche, Classic French Pink Reims Biscuits and Fraises Tagada Sweets, which are also popular in France.

Strawberry juice was decanted into cute embellished bottles. Empty juice bottles can be re-purposed and used to serve drinks - Remove the original labels and wrap a printable bottle wrapper from Bird's Party around each bottle. Using glue dots, secure a paper straw to the side of each bottle, and embellish the front of the bottles with a strawberry craft button.

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Party Decor and Styling

The styling I chose was in-keeping with the printables, which were designed with a retro motif and colors in mind for a fresh and seasonal take on this theme. 

I used a garden potting table to display the desserts on, for its rustic charm. The potting table was covered with simple wrapping paper, secured in place with glue dots underneath. I love using small table with shelves or display levels. I think it's easier to style than larger dining tables, and it looks more interesting too! 

The backdrop of the table was a simple retro bunting, printed from Bird's Party Retro Strawberry Collection and embellished with cut-out strawberries also from the printables kit.

Pink and red carnations were used to add color to the table. It's quite inexpensive and really helps to bulk out a bouquet or vase! If they're good enough for Tori Spelling, then they're good enough for me! ;)

The fresh blooms were displayed in a glass jar covered with printable scrapbook paper from the kit also, and tied with ribbon.

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Party Favors

In-keeping with the theme, guests got to take home a mini jar of Strawberry preserve. And there's nothing more charming or retro than homemade (and edible) favors! 

The white jam pots were purchased at my local craft store and filled with delicious microwave jam - Just 'cause it's homemade, doesn't mean it has to take aaages! ;)

Then the lids decorated with a circle of scrapbook paper and a pretty ribbon to match. The front of the post were adorned with a "Confiture" sticker, which means "jam" in French.

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Dessert Recipes

Like the sweet treats on show? Well, you can Cake it Pretty too with the recipes and tutorials below:

And if you do, send in your pics?! We'd love to see ! :)

Strawberry Themed Desserts Table: Party Credits

Styling, Photography, Recipes and Printables: Bird's Party
Cupcake Cases: Bird's Party
Cake Stands: Bird's Party


HUGE thanks to the editorial team of Créative Magazine for  the fabulous opportunity!!
Créative Magazine is out now across newsstands in France.

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