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15 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

7:04 AMC Riches

Loving the simple/rustic feel of this table.

I could spend the whole day (literally) looking on Pinterest for inspiration on tablescapes. I love seeing people's interpretations of a theme, holiday or event. The basics remain the same (table, plates, centerpieces, napkins...) but the creative flair and imagination comes from each carefully thought-out detail.

So you don't have to spend ages looking, I've selected some of my favorite tables here. But I'm not gonna lie. Some of these are beyond fabulous and detailed that I don't think we can recreate the looks at the very last minute. But creativity is not about copying, it's about being inspired! So I hope you can take away some of the elements in these wonderful tablescapes, and find you own personal style for Thanksgiving! :)

Love it the green accents (kale, cabbage...) on this table.

Place settings needn't be complicated.

Tall and elegant with splashes of gold.

Gorgeous table garland !

Autumnal bounty

Earthy tones, lots of textures

Last minute foraged decor makes for a clean and modern table

Using natural elements, wood and veg. No florals.

Simple and elegant, amber and white

Loving the hanging decor!

Rustic simplicity at its best

Glitz and modern affair

Lots of DIY details

Black, white and gold -  Love the chalkboard detail!

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  1. wow! how beautiful! thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Any chance you can tell me where I can find that horse picture? I love it! thank you!

    1. Thanks! Not sure, but if you follow the link, you'll be able to ask the stylist directly maybe?


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