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DIY Cotton Reel Place-Card Holders

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In-keeping with yesterday's cute as button theme, I'm sharing how to make these super adorable cotton reel place-holder cards. They'd make fun photo holders too, don't you think?
I used them for the Paris craft show last week, but you could totally change the thread to suit your occasion. I'm thinking raffia instead of the wool for Thanksgiving, or twine for a crafty party, or even lace or ribbon for a sewing themed bash or bridal shower! 

DIY Cotton Reel Place-Card Holders

Materials needed:

* Cotton/Thread reels (use real reels or you can find bare, wooden ones at most craft supply stores)
* Hot glue gun
* Wire cutters
* Place-card holder wire from craft stores (or fashion your own from thick wire)


1) Cut the wire to desired length to fit inside the reel.
2) Apply hot glue tot he wire and insert into reel. Hold upright for  few seconds until dry.
3) Wrap wool or thread of choice around each reel. Tuck the lose end under a wrapped thread to keep it secure (just like a real cotton reel!)
4) Use to display buffet cards, printable place-cards or even photos!
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