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DIY Thanksgiving Party Favors with Free Printables

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DIY Thanksgiving Party Favors  with Free Printables -
I'm all up for handmade party favors, but does not mean I want spend ages making them! Gumball Party Tubes are my salvation when deciding on a quick and easy gift, party favor (or even stocking filler!).

Kids will also have fun making these for their friends and family members, so enlist the help of some little hands  - it will keep them entertained for a good...30 minutes! ;) 

How To Make Your Gumball Party Tubes

What you'll need:

* Gumballs in your fave color (I used orange and yellow 'cause that's what I had)
* Washi tape - again use something hat will match the printable tags.
* Hole puncher
* Optional: Eyelets

DIY Thanksgiving Party Favors  with Free Printables -


Start by wrapping some washi tape around each tube. You can cover the entire surface, but I like to leave some gaps free of tape so the gumballs show though.

Fill the tubes with gumballs in alternating colors. Punch a hole in each gift tag, and insert on eyelet if using. Thread twine through and tie to top of the tubes. Easy, right?! :)

This is so cool little favor for any party - Just vary the colors of the gumballs and the tag!

More DIY Thanksgiving party ideas here!

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