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Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizers & Cocktails

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We're epicureans in our home, and food takes center stage at any of our shindigs. But this year, I'm being a little more sensible. At least when it comes to the party appetizers. Don't get me wrong, I love a good ol' stuff-a-thon, but if you count all the grub that will be gobbled from now until end of the year...
Anyways, I've been scouring the web for delicious, unique and above all healthy party appetizers that are great for all the family. These yummy ideas are also super simple and quick, and therefore perfect for rustling up at the last minute!

Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizers & Cocktails

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* Persimmon wrapped in Pancetta - Sweet and savory juicy morsels. Wrap them ahead of the party and bake until crispy just before serving. YUM!
* Chipotle and lime shrimp with guacamole - Again, marinade the day before. Go easy on the Chipotle if you're serving kids. Healthy and light appetizer, so plenty of room for turkey! ;)
* Tomato Soup Shots - Homemade, or jazz up shop-bought with a dash of Tabasco and Worcester sauce. Skip the streaky bacon on the side if you're being extra conscious.
* Veggie cups rock!! I'd serve them alongside the pumpkin humus below. 
* Pumpkin Humus - Made with store cupboard ingredients, couldn't be easier!
* Satsuma and Pomegranate Cocktail - Leave out the Campari for a non-alcoholic version. Refreshing and festive, I'd make a huge batch of this instead of the usual sangria, and serve the Campari on the side so guests can spike their own.

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