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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift or Favor Idea: DIY Gumball Necklaces

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DIY Gumball Necklaces
What pops in your head when you see the words gumball + necklace in the same sentence? Gumball necklace, did you say? Yep, you guessed. I'll take edible jewelry over diamonds any day! 
These gumball necklaces make the perfect last minute gift, party favor or class activity for Valentine's Day. Package them in super dinky favor box, and you have the perfect little treat for your sweet Valentine, your BFFs, or yourself! ;)

You can of course adapt the colors for any event or celebrations!
DIY Gumball Necklaces
DIY Gumball Necklaces

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift or Favor Idea: DIY Gumball Necklaces

Materials Needed:

* Large colors gumballs (red, pink and white I went for)
* Large tapestry needle or metal skewer 
* Baker's Twine
* Pretty satin bow 
* Favors boxes
* Hot glue
DIY Gumball Necklaces


Using the metal needle or skewer (goes without saying, but just in case: make sure it's properly clean!), carefully piece each gumball. best to do this on top of a chopping board to be safe. thread twine throw to make a necklace, alternating the colors. Tie a knot on each end and finish by hot gluing the bow to the twine at the front. Package into cute favor boxes for assorted look, or wear / eat it at once !

DIY Gumball Necklaces

DIY Gumball Necklaces

Huge thanks to SweetWorks for the fabulous candy!!
Gumballs | Favor Boxes with Lid | Pre-tied Satin Bows | Baker's Twine

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