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DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders

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DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders  -
Lego bricks and building blocks rule our roost. My son literally has boxes of the stuff, and so for our Lego Inspired Party week, I decided it would be cool to make use of some of them as place-card holders. 
At first, I thought it would require some drilling, but it turns out it was even simpler! Check out the how-to below.

DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders  -

DIY Lego Inspired Bricks Place-card Holders

Materials needed:

* Plastic building blocks of various colors and sizes
* Small hammer and nails
* Wire and wire cutters - The thicker the wire, the sturdier your holder will be. But, you may need a wider brick if it's too heavy.
* A pencil + a fat marker
* Hot glue
* Printable place-cards
DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders  -
1) Make a small hole in the center of each brick using hammer and nails. Do it gently so the plastic doesn't split. Remove the nails from the bricks.
2) Wrap the wire about 3 times around your fat market to give the shape for the top of the card holder. Remove the marker, carefully keeping the loops intact.
3) Cut off desired length using wire cutters.
4) Thread the end of the wire through he hole in the brick.
DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders  -
5) Use the pencil to shape loops on the end of the wire. This will allow you to stop the wire coming loose.
6) Using the pencil end, push the loop you just made into the brick cavity, so it sits flat against the underside of the brick.
7) Use a bit hot glue to secure the wire firmly in place.
8) All that's left to do is pop a cute place-card or buffet card in the holder!
DIY Lego Bricks Inspired Place-card Holders  -
Easy, right? These card holder would look great on a  desserts table or used as place-card holder, or even photo holder after the party! :)

Lego Inspired Party: DIY Bricks Place-card Holders  - Party Credits

Styling and photography: Bird
Party printables: Bird's Party

Click here for all the Lego inspired bricks party printables 
and supplies used in this project!

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