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Circus Birthday Party Ideas | DIY Carousel Candy Centerpiece

Monday, April 21, 2014C Riches

As part of our #SocialCircus month, I decided to make a fun DIY Carousel Centerpiece - But one made with party supplies and candy (is there a better kind?!) that anyone may have in the house at the time of the birthday party.

So I raided my party shop and grabbed paper platescandy tubes and dinky striped paper straws. Not forgetting the adorable Circus printables, and my trusty glue gun of course! ;)

This cute carousel centerpiece would be fun as a birthday desserts table candy dish, kids table decoration or even a fun party activity (minus the hot glue!). It's easy to make, quick and inexpensive too!

Circus Carousel Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration Blog

Circus Birthday Party Ideas : DIY Circus Carousel Party Centerpiece

Materials needed:

* Printable circus animals or shapes
* 2 Paper plates - The top one is slightly smaller in diameter then the bottom plate.
* Paper straws - I used 5 striped straws
* 1 Candy tube
* Gumballs and Sixlets for Decor
* Glue gum or glue dots
* Colored card stock in 2 contrasting colors
* 2 inch (5cm) round or scallop paper puncher
* Double-sided tape

Circus Carousel Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration Blog

1) Stick the paper straws to the wider paper plate using glue dots or hot glue. 
2) Stick the candy tube to the center of the plate. Fill tube with gumballs and close the tube.
3) Trim straws to the same height of the candy tube.
4) Hot glue the smaller diameter plate on top of straws. You may also hot glue it tot he candy tube, but if you want to open it easily, then no need.
Circus Carousel Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration Blog
5) Draw a circle onto a piece of colored cardstock about 6 inch (20cm) in diameter, or a size no bigger than the diameter of your smaller plate. Cut the circle and mark its center. Make a slit from edge to center.
6) Using double-sided tape, turn the circle into a cone/ dome shape to form the top of the carousel.
7) Punch out circles in the contrasting colored card-stock and fold them in half. Add tape to each half.
8) Glue the halves under the cone shape you made in step 6. This forms the edges of the domed top. Glue the dome to top plate (from step 4).
Circus Carousel Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration Blog
To finish off just glue the printable animal or circus shapes cut-outs 
to the straws and fill plate with Sixlets!
Circus Carousel Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration Blog

More party ideas and printables in my NEW party book! 

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