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Tic Tac® DIY Wedding Favor Idea with Free Printables!!

Monday, July 07, 2014C Riches

If you follow me on Instagram, would've have seen a  little sneak peak of today's post using Tic Tac®
mints as a wedding favor idea. Tic Tac's goal is to "Shake Things Up", and I was thrilled when they asked me to come up with a fun packaging idea for a wedding favor!  
Tic Tac®  packs remind me confetti, little colored sprinkles, perfect for weddings. So I wanted a modern vibe for the packaging, something that would be meaningful for a wedding, but also add a modern/funky twist to shake thing up ;) 
Naturally, I turned to printables. And glitter. 'Cause if you can't have a bit of bling on your wedding day...when can ya?!

Tic Tac® DIY Wedding Favor Idea with Free Printables:

The design I created play on the "Mint to Be" words in reference to the Tic Tac® mints, so I wanted the contents to be visible, so I created a wrap around label. 
The idea is that you can easily wrap around a box of Tic Tac® without having to remove the original labels on the box. I used white Tic Tac® mints, wintergreen and strawberry fields flavors for their pink, white and mint green colors. Pretty quick and easy to re-create for any wedding theme or color scheme.

You can leave the glitter out, but I totally recommend it! It was real quick too - Simply use a small  paintbrush and craft glue to apply a very thin layer on  the printables. Shake some glitter on top and let it dry. 

The printable labels are also editable, so you can add your own wedding date, name and or message to suit your own wedding style.

Wrap around the box and secure with double-sided tape at the back. Top with a  glitter heart and voila!

Click here to download your FREE Tic Tac® 
printable wedding wrappers.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tic Tac® but all contents and opinions are my own.

More party ideas and FREE printables in my NEW party book!

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  1. These are so cute!! What type of paper did you use for this?

    1. A4 white standard 90g but you can go a little thicker if you prefer.

  2. What kind of labels did you use for this project? or did you print on regular paper?

  3. How do I edit these to customize them?

    1. Open them in Adobe Reader and add your own text in the editable spaces provided.

  4. Is there a way to keep label on when opening pack?
    What adhesive did you use?

    1. Hi, the label won't be on if you open the pack, but if you use double sided sticky tape or adhesive tot eh opening tab, you can re-seal after. You can use A4 label paper or double-sided tape from most craft stores.

  5. How do you edit/change the color for your wedding colors?

  6. Hi, you can't edit colors. If you'd like any color changes please get in touch for a custom quote, thanks!

    1. Oh, ok. Well we really liked these and my nieces wedding is going to be Purple (dark) and Blue (royal). I can send a picture of the colors if we can go thru regular email. Thank you so much!


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