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DIY Santa Claus Cake Pops Recipe

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DIY Santa Claus Cake Pops Recipe -

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen a few sneak peeks of these cute Santa cake pops, and today I'm sharing the easy step-by-step tutorial.

My seven year old daughter helped me with these ( you can see her little hands in the photos, bless ) and they are perfect to entertain little ones over the Holiday period. 

I used them for my desserts table at the Marie Claire salon in Paris in November, but they would be cool as a party favor or cute gift too. I see them all wrapped up in cellophane paper for hot cocoa stations or even as part of a Christmas gourmet hamper

Great for using up left over cake too...wait, what left-over cake?! ;)

DIY Santa Claus Cake Pops Recipe

Materials an Ingredients:

* Cake + frosting - basic recipe here
* White candy melts or white chocolate
* Red candy melts
* Pink and White Sixlets
* Dried coconut flakes
* Edible sugar eyes
* Long BBQ or lollipop sticks
* Pretty Party Straws for decor
* Floral or polystyrene block for display
* Clean kitchen paintbrush

DIY Santa Claus Cake Pops Recipe -


1) Start by making your pops in the usual way. Coat the ball in white candy melts.
Whilst the white coating is still wet, add a pink Sixlet to the center as the 'nose'.

2) Add the sugar 'eyes'. Insert cake pops into floral or polystyrene block to set.

3) Once the white coating set ( only take a few minutes ), dip the top of the pops into red candy melt to form the 'hat'. Add a white Sixlet tot he top. Let it set.

You could do this step before adding the eyes and nose, but then you need more candy melts to 'glue' them on once the white coating is set. Up to you. 

4) Using your paintbrush, dab around the rim of the 'hat' with more white candy melt.
DIY Santa Claus Cake Pops Recipe -

5) Sprinkle with coconut while the white candy melt is still wet. You could use sugar sprinkles too.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the 'beard', and add a cute paper straw to finish. Ta-dah! :)

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check out our Holiday Guide here.

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