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How to Style a DIY Home Bar

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DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have been sneak peeks of my summer studio and office makeover.

Yeah, I basically spent a good chunk of my summer with a paintbrush in hand...and although it's far from finished, I'm celebrating each little 'victory' and taking pleasure in seeing some areas come to life - like my studio bar!

I'm lucky enough to have an unused guest house that I can transform into a studio. 

But it had been neglected since we moved here, and we had serious situation with the water pipes and wet walls...not pretty!

DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

So this studio refurbish is waaaaay overdue.
Oh, and did I mention we're going the DIY route?! 

Honestly, it can be a fun, less expensive and a great summer project too. 
But it's also very tiring!!

DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

So we're tackling one room at a time. And I'm' totally fine with that ;)
My first room to be made over was the lounge area, which has great natural lighting and is where I do all my photo shoots.

After a week scrapping walls, plastering, sanding and painting; I finally have my blank canvas room to style and decorate for any event!

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

All I have in there is a dinning table and a smaller kitchen table, which I use often when styling little vignettes or a BAR!

I think a bar cart looks very stylish, but hopefully this will show that you don't really need one to have a functional and cool home bar ;)

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

5 DIY Bar Styling Tips

* When styling a home bar, think outside the bar cart - A tray, shelving unit or simple table can totally be transformed into a bar to suit your needs or occasion. I have even used a garden table once. So really, anything goes!

* Choose your fav tipples but also staples that you know will get used time and time again in cocktails and drinks - No point getting something exotic and fancy if it's just going to sit there untouched or that doesn't taste great. 

* Decorate your bar like you would any open shelf or display unit - that means bring in design elements, flowers and decorative objects from your home into the mix. It adds interest and makes the bar more personal to you and your space or home.

*  Pimp up your walls - Like any table display, the backdrop can also help to add interest and is the focal point of your bar. Since everything is at the same eye level, an interesting piece of art (like this DIY canvas I made - coming to the blog soon) or picture frames hanging on the wall behind will lift your eyes up, helping to 'frame' and designate the bar area.

* Don't forget the glasses & bar accessories - Any bar cart also needs to be practical, so disposable napkins, cute paper straws, ice bucket or container, a decanter for wine, a cocktail shaker, bowls and picks for cocktail garnishes, coasters, and the glasses of course! I personally think a classic margarita-style glass, short and tall tumblers and wine glasses are enough to cater for any eventuality.

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

How to style a bar at home - DIY Bar Styling without a Bar Cart -

But the last tip really, which is sort of a given; is to have fun with it!

Don't be afraid to inject your own personality and style into any bar. And of course, the bar styling doesn't have to be static or permanent - vary the decor and accent colors according to any holiday or celebration. For instance, you can change the backdrop colors for Halloween, turn it into a hot toddy station at Christmas etc

Bar Styling DIY Crafts & Decorations

Here are some things you too can DIY, for your own home bar:

* DIY spray paint a vintage bowl (my was a pear) and turn it into an ice bucket/bowl
* DIY wall canvas art - tutorial coming soon!
* DIY gold dot coasters - Punch out circles in contact gold paper and glue to white coasters
* DIY spray painted cocktail shaker. I couldn't find a gold, so I spray painted (the outside only!) of an inexpensive shaker.

Bar Styling - Credits

* Styling & photos: Bird's Party
* Pink striped popcorn box used as straws holder

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  1. I love the painted backdrop. Very creative bar and wonderful photography. I love this whole concept.

    1. Thanks!! sharing the DIY later next week ;)

  2. Oh I love this artwork!!!

  3. This looks so great, Bird!! How awesome that you have a space like this to use for your studio. I love that diy art too. Can't wait to see your post for that.
    Love it all!

    1. Thanks you, party fairy! :)
      There's lots to be done yet, but at least the bar gone done quickly lol
      Art work coming up next week


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