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Easy DIY Autumnal Floral Centerpiece

2:30 AMC Riches

Easy DIY Floral Centerpiece - Perfect for a Fall or Thanksgiving table -

As you saw in my Thanksgiving tablescape post here, my floral arrangement was a DIY jobbie.

DIY is not only something I love, because it makes me try out new skills and ideas; but also it's often something of a necessity when I can't quite buy what I need for a particular project or photo shoot.

And floral centerpieces or arrangements for me, ALWAYS fall under the 'urgh, I just can't get anything cute 'round here...' category. So DIY is the only available option :)

Easy DIY Floral Centerpiece - Perfect for a Fall or Thanksgiving table -

Depending on the occasion, I just keep it simple with one type of flower like Tulips, anemones or peonies (if I can ever get may hands on them...). 

My florists only keep the basic stuff, so I tend to supplement any bouquets with foliage and bits and bobs from my garden.

But if you ain't got a garden, then maybe look around your neighbor's yards (with their consent of course), parks or woodlands for natural decor you can use.

Easy DIY Floral Centerpiece - Perfect for a Fall or Thanksgiving table -

Easy DIY Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

The Choice of Flowers

I'm by no means a professional florist, but we have to make do with what we've got handy, right?! So for this Thanksgiving floral centerpiece, I grabbed eucalyptus blanches from my garden, and bought cabbage flowers, burgundy daisies and some cute white flowers as fillers - forgot to ask the florist their name, so if you know, pls shout out in the comments ;)

The Choice of Colors

The colors of the blooms I chose were intentional to match my theme (Fall) and table runner colors.
Feel free to swap the types of flowers, textures and colors to match YOUR tablescape or event.

The Easy DIY Technique

The technique I use (often) is pretty simple, and you can totally use it for any party, season or celebration!

Check out the DIY video below for all the steps.

And, if you make your own floral fabulousness based on this technique, share on Instagram with hashtag #BirdsParty so we can all see and share!! ;)

Photos & video by: Riches Property .

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  1. The fill flowers are Clarissa Mums. They are perennials that grow well in Ohio. They are easily transplanted in the Fall.

    1. What a lovely name!! :) Thanks so much, Barry! I'll never forget now!

  2. I've never been very good at making floral arrangements, but I think even I could handle this! :)

    1. Yeah, I also tend to just shove flowers in a vase. But the floral foam is really forgiving and you can create something really pretty without any special skills, as you saw me do it ;D


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