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My Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

If you follow along on Instagram (yes, you really should) you'd have seen sneak peeks of my studio and office make-overs this summer.

I'm nowhere finished yet, but the lounge where I do all my photo shoots is at last painted and a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with party decor each season. And this simple DIY Thanksgiving tablescape is the first to christen the space!!

It's quiet appropriately, as I'm super thankful to have this little nook to do my work in. 
And for that alone, I'm extra giddy to share the photos with your today! :)

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Thanksgiving Table Colors and Design Inspiration

When styling any tablescape, colors and patterns are my inspiration. 
And this year I'm digging all things gold, like mad! 

I hesitated between a rustic table decor and a more modern styling. But I also know that there are TONS of rustic ideas out there, so I tried to steer away from the norm and chose gold and white as the main backdrop colors, with accents of neutrals, browns and burgundy. It's pretty modern, I think.

For the styling of this table, I also didn't want anything too cluttered, full of knick-knacks... or too busy. Basically, I prefer to have plenty of space on the table for the food ;)

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

DIY  Thanksgiving Table Runner

The choice of runners really dictated the accent colors, as it was a piece of fabric I already had at home. I simply folded the edges to make the runner. You could totally stitch it in place ( or even iron it *wink*) but I skipped the step because I was just too lazy and wanted to get all the elements on the table and shoot before the daylight went...

Daylight is an essential part of making photos look great, but I had no luck that day it was grey outside, so apologies for the 50 shades of grey :p

Anyways, you get the gist, right?

Use any fabric or even wrapping paper for an inexpensive and easy table runner. 

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

DIY Floral Centerpiece

As with all my floral arrangement, I tend to DIY.

The florists near me don't carry a huge selection of blooms and no flower markets in sight, so we have to make do. And I like to get stuck in, and learn new techniques as I go along.

I'll be sharing a tutorial soon to help you re-create one at home, so keep your eyes peeled ;)

For now, suffice to say that for the centerpiece, I wanted something pretty, easy to make and fairly inexpensive too. And this simple DIY arrangement ticked all the boxes, as I used eucalyptus from my garden and only purchase 3 cabbage flowers and some smaller blooms, to match the color scheme of my tablescape.

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Thanksgiving Tableware

Despite being a party blogger, I don't own a lot of tableware pieces. Mainly because I believe that simple pieces like white dinnerware, rattan chargers or gold flatware are essential for any hostess, and are easier to work with for any theme or color palette.

My trick is to stick with everyday white china (they make food look better too), and just buy patterned starter or dessert plates to lay on top as accents, to help pull the look together. It's much more economical that way.

My latest acquisition are these gold polka-dot plates, that I know will be used for many a tablescape to come!

They were perfect for this Thanksgiving tablescape, and add a little demure touch of gold to my basic white dinner plates and white linen napkins.

The dinnerware was complemented by simple wine glasses and some ombré gold glasses.

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

DIY Place Settings

To compliment the gold plates, I spray painted some mini ceramic pumpkins with golf spray paint. 
It's my latest obsession. I'd even spray the dog if I could... just kidding. No, I'm not.

On top of each pumpkins I printed a cute tiny place-card with guests names and stuck on with double-sided tape. EASY!

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

DIY Thanksgiving Backdrop

It's always helpful for occasions such as Thanksgiving, to have a side table, a hutch, a buffet or cart in your dining room. 

I have none of those in my studio, so I use a simple white table and decorate it to for any purpose - be it a bar or desserts table. On this occasion, I actually used it as cheese and white table.

The backdrop to the side table was created using Kraft paper.
Look out for a DIY tutorial coming later in the week!

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

DIY Hostess Gifts and Thanksgiving Leftover Packaging

Thanksgiving leftovers double-duty as great take-home goodies for leaving guests!

And if you too dig leftovers, you'll want them to look cute also

I used the darling disposable containers from the shop to also package some yummy pumpkin spice and chocolate macarons (recipe here) and ready for any take-away treats!

Modern DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape -

Thanksgiving Tablescape Credits

Party styling, printables and photography: Bird's Party

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  1. Stunning! You definitely evoked the warm comforting sentiment of the holiday without using those typical brown colors. Everything's still earthy and elegant. I love it!

    1. Thanks so much, Jordan! I really enjoyed styling something a little different :)

  2. Loving the color scheme, and that floral centerpiece is gorgeous! :)

  3. I love the place cards, or rather place pumpkins ;-)

  4. a knockout tablescape - love your centerpiece! and runner colors.
    Who do you have to know to get invited to Thanksgiving dinner?! :P
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Hi Christina, I popped over from Beverly's Pink Saturday party. I love your Thanksgiving table!! It's just beautiful, great choices all! I'd love it if you would come share it with my readers at my Weekend party too!! It's Live now through Wednesday.
    Happy Weekend!
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance
    p.s. Here's the link!


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