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DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters

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DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

Father's day is approaching, and if you're looking for handmade but stylish gifts that dad will really like, then this post's got your name on it! 

Come to think of it, I'm sure moms, teachers, neighbors, girlfriends...will love 'em too. So you even if you're not intending on crafting anything for father's day, you know you should totally pin it for later, right?! ;)
DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

These metallic foil and marble coaster were born from my current obsession with contact paper. And foil tape. You can catch previous crafty endeavors with these materials here and here.

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters


* Gold contact paper
* marble contact paper
* copper tape
* craft knife
* pencil
* scissors
* white coasters or wooden ones painted white

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -


1) For the marble and copper foil coasters: add copper foil to the edges of each coaster. 

2) Make slits on the overlapping edges and fold to top (or bottom of each coaster if needed)

3) Place a coaster onto the marble contact paper, trace the shape and cut. Apply tot eh top of the coaster, pushing the air out with a piece of sturdy card (credit card works great!). 

Repeat the same process (minus the copper foil) with the gold contact paper.

4) For the copper and gold foil coasters: Starting from the center of each coaster, place the tape or contact paper pieces (width of choice) then fold the excess under or trim with craft knife. Smooth out the tape with a soft flannel. 

Hope you like the idea, and if you make them, don't forget to tag us on Instagram #BirdsPartyTweeps so we can share your creations!! :)

DIY Metallic Foil & Marble Coasters -

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